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If you would like to join us or have a general enquiry please use the form below and we will get back to you.  Please select “Membership”, “Coaching – years 2-7″ or “Coaching – older years” for initial enquiries about joining any of the groups.

The following tables give further contact details within the club.

Cheap Valium Wholesale - Valium Online Cheapest

Club ContactsName PhoneEmail
General EnquiriesN/AN/
MembershipJohn Slack01442
Media ManagerPeter Stansbury07703
PresidentPaul DickensonN/AN/A
ChairMike Smith 07801
Vice ChairElaine
TreasurerRob Salt01442
Social SecretaryMary
SecretarySylvia Fitzwilliam01442
Welfare OfficersTrevor Ratcliife
Charlotte Ashton
Club kitCasper Du Buisson
Facilities ManagerAndy
Operations ManagerDavid


If you are looking to join the club please use the Buy Blue Diazepamfrom above or if you are enquiring about a year 2-7, please contact Petra Carroll:  Buying Valium In Australia or for older athletes, please contact Deborah Keenleyside:  Buy Genuine Diazepam Online

If you (or your child) already in a squad and need to contact your coach then the details are below:

Head CoachDeborah Keenleyside07989
Middle distance squadMike Dunphy07932
High jump coachJohn Hopper
Long jump and triple jump coachRob
Shot Put coachShaun
Sprint/hurdles squadDeborah Keenleyside07989
Pole vault squadAndy
Javelin squadCharlie Rowland
Trevor Ratcliffe
Athlete's representativePhillipa
Hammer/Discus squadPaul Dickenson07887
u11 & u13 (years 2-7)Petra Carroll07985
Development GroupSeb
Sprint 1Danielle
Sprint 2Cathie

Road Running Contacts

Road Running ContactsNameEmail
Coaching coordinator
Ladies' captainKelly Du
Men's captainRob
Social and eventsKirsty
Club kitCasper Du
Committee memberDavid
Committee memberJessica
Committee memberJim
Committee memberLouise
Committee memberSteve

Cross Country Contacts

X-Country ContactsNameEmail/Phone
Head coachJohn
Head coach (Juniors)Mike
Road Runners Chair /
Coaching coordinator
Rob Deane

Team Managers

Team ManagersNamePhoneEmail
U13 Girls team managerPetra Carroll
Zoe Carroll
U13 Boys team managerPetra Carroll
Zoe Carroll
U15 Girls team managerCathie Woolfrey01442
U15 Boys team managerKaty Warren
Matt Hamilton
U17 Girls team managerCathie Woolfrey01442
U17 Boys team managerLibby Mallord and Julie
Senior Men team managerPeter Stansbury07703
Senior & Veteran Women team managertab for next season
Veteran Men team managerMike
Junior Cross Country team manager Angus
Senior Cross Country Team ManagerJim Mason
Rob Davies

Let's have a chat

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