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Dacorum & Tring AC athletes participate keenly in cross-country throughout the autumn and winter, with runners from age 10 all the way up to veterans in the V60+ category contesting the highly-competitive Chiltern League series; many youngsters also take part in the Northwest London Young Athletes (NWLL) League. The club has had considerable success at county and national level over the years, and our coaches encourage their athletes to take part, to build strength and endurance for the summer athletics season. The five annual Chiltern League fixtures take place from October through February, and are held on Saturdays; Dacorum & Tring compete in Division 1, the top tier of the Chiltern League, which in itself is considered one of the top leagues in the country. The Northwest London League, for runners between the ages of 10 and 17, also consists of five events and takes place on Saturdays. While cross-country often involves mud, hills and adverse weather conditions, it’s also a lot of fun! The Middle Distance Squad and the Road Running section in particular incorporate cross-country into their winter training schedules and runners of all levels take part, to earn points for the team and to have a good day out.  

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