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We want to start off by saying that our U15 boys did us extremely proud! We finished 2nd place in our boys category, only 2 match points off the winners. Athlete of the match is awarded to Miles Kenny for winning the B string 80MH in a PB, 3rd in the A string HJ with […]

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Buy Diazepam 5Mg Tablets Uk

September Records – 13 club records broken in September – please check out the records section on our About page – well done to everyone!!! Category Event Name Result Venue Date VM 60 5km Road Philip PUGH 22.05 Hatfield 09/25/2019 VW 60 5,000m Sarah ROBERTS 23:21.8 Jarman Fields 09/22/2019 VW 60 800m Sarah ROBERTS 3:18.2 […]

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Buy Diazepam Online Nz

This Sunday’s EYAL final, in a very warm and sunny Thurrock, saw the U17 men managing to achieve nine new personal bests between them. The first track event of the day, the 100m Hurdles, meant a PB for Nathan Kallinga, who shows great promise for next year. Nathan also managed a second personal best in […]

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Where Can I Buy Valium In London

Sunday saw some members of the club travel to Thurrock to compete in the last of the summer competitions within the EYAL structure. After competing in 5 matches in the league, the club finished in a fantastic 2nd place, an improvement from the 4th┬áplace finish last year at this stage. This result saw us qualify […]

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Buying Valium In Australia

Well done to all competitors and thanks to coaches, officials and supporters. Match photos can be found on our About page. u17 Final Scores SHAFTESBURY                112 THURROCK                      98 DACORUM & TRING      96 CHELMSFORD                 89 HAVERING                       82 NORWICH                       67 The U17 ladies finished 3rd and only just behind 2nd place. No team had a pole vaulter so this is […]

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Buy Real Diazepam

Our Eastern Young Athletes team finished second in the league for 2019 – a great result!! This qualified us for the Top 6 Final that finishes each season. A hot and sunny day in Thurrock saw every team fighting hard across all the age groups. Although we were in 2nd place at one point we […]

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Buy Diazepam Roche

The day is fast approaching for our annual Club Championships and BBQ – Sunday 22nd September (entries close 10th September). Always a great day near the end of the summer season. For many people this is a good place to try something new. There are also fun relays and trophies to be won. Please bring […]

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Buy Generic Valium Online

Congratulations to our athletes competing at the English Championships in Bedford at the weekend. ESME O’CONNELL – 1st in LONG JUMP – 4.13M ESME O’CONNELL – 2nd in 100M T20 – 13.57 MARLI JESSOP – 2nd in 80M HURDLES – 11.33 W MILLY GALL – 3rd in 80M HURDLES -11.42 W FREDDIE TRUMAN-WILLIAMS 8th in […]