Dacorum and Tring AC

We are the oldest athletics club in the borough of Dacorum.  We were formed in 1995 when Dacorum Athletic Club and Tring Athletic Club joined forces to become Dacorum & Tring Athletics Club.  Prior to that, each club had been in existence individually since 1976 and 1980 respectively.
The club is a vibrant and well-supported one, and draws its membership of over 500 active and social members from all around the county and beyond. 

Our coaches are highly-qualified and devoted to training our athletes of all ages, from age 10 and up, to not just achieving their personal bests but ensuring they learn vital skills and fitness levels that will last them a lifetime.  Many of our athletes, young and old, have gone on to achieve success at county, national level and international level, but equally, all our members benefit from taking part in an exciting and challenging sport in a friendly, supportive and fun environment

The backbone of Dacorum & Tring AC is the Track and Field section, with some 300 active members of all ages. Our Road Runners section, the biggest road running club in the borough of Dacorum with some 250 members, is open to all runners age 16 and over who are interested in running with a friendly, social group, most of whom participate regularly in road, off-road, ‘adventure’-type races and triathlons.  Many of our Road Runners are parents of youngsters who train with the track and field squads, and benefit from being run with the road running group while their children are at the track.

Athletes from both the track and field and road runners sections compete in Cross Country over the winter months, in the five-event Chiltern League and Northwest London League as well as county, South of England and national championships.Dacorum & Tring AC was recognised as an outstanding sports club after receiving England Athletics ‘Accredited Club’ status in 2016 for the third consecutive three-year cycle. 

The club was first awarded Clubmark status in 2010 “in recognition of the high standards of coaching, training, administration and child welfare we provide”.The club is supported by a core group of administrators, officials and other volunteers, who work tirelessly to make sure the club provides the best-possible arena for athletes young and old to practise their sport and achieve their targets.  

We welcome new members of any age and encourage them and their families to get involved and help to keep the sport of athletics in Dacorum as strong and vibrant as it has been for the last forty years.

Club Records

Category EventNameResultVenueDate
VF355 miles roadAnia GABB30.29Hatfield11/24/2019
VF35MarathonAnia GABB3h04.19Chicago10/13/2019
U17 Men5km RoadFreddie TRUMAN-WILLIAMS15:54Kings Langley10/06/2019
VM 605km RoadPhilip PUGH22.05Hatfield09/25/2019
VW 605,000mSarah ROBERTS23:21.8Jarman Fields09/22/2019
VW 60800mSarah ROBERTS3:18.2Jarman Fields09/22/2019
U13 GirlsHammerKate HOPPER15.27Jarman Fields09/22/2019
U15 Girls200mLily NORWOOD25.6Jarman Fields09/22/2019
U15 BoysTriple JumpLierre HENRY12.46Jarman Fields09/22/2019
F20 WomenJavelin (600g)Esme O’CONNELL17.14Jarman Fields09/22/2019
U17 Women4x100m RelayHelena VAN HULLEN
Milly GALL
U15 Girls200mLily NORWOOD25.69Thurrock09/15/2019
U15 Boys80m HurdlesArya ARIASA-SURREY11.44Thurrock09/15/2019
VF40Pole VaultSarka HAWTIN3.10=Jesolo, ITA09/13/2019
F20 WomenLong JumpEsme O’CONNELL4.55Stoke Mandeville09/08/2019
U15 GirlsTriple JumpTasmin MARTIN10.19Horspath09/07/2019
VM 5010km RoadSimon TOWNSEND46.29Bovingdon09/01/2019
VM 6010km RoadPhilip PUGH48.29Bovingdon09/01/2019
VM 605km RoadPhilip PUGH22.11Hatfield08/28/2019
VW 405km RoadKate RENNIE17.46Hatfield08/28/2019
VW 35800mClaire HALLISSEY2:31.7Jarman Fields08/17/2019
VW 353000mClaire HALLISSEY10:47.5Jarman Fields08/17/2019
U17 Men2000m SteeplechaseFreddie TRUMAN-WILLIAMS6:52.5Jarman Fields08/17/2019
U20 Men4x400m relayThomas BAIN
Oliver AYRES (U17)
James GLYN
3.39.9Jarman Fields08/17/2019
U20 Men4x100m relayDestiny OGALI
Jacob HAYNES U17)
Louis JACKSON (U17)
45.1Jarman Fields 08/17/2019
U20 Men100mDestiny OGALI10.61Manchester08/14/2019
U15 Boys800mTom GAUNCE2:00.97Eltham08/14/2019
VW35Half MarathonAnia GABB1h 26.36Farnham Common08/11/2019
VW355km RoadAnia GABB18.58Olympic Park, London08/07/2019
U17 Men1500mJoseph CHAMBERLAIN4:03.89Watford07/24/2019
U15 Boys5k RoadSam BURNELL16.38Waddesdon07/17/2019
VF40Pole VaultSarka HAWTIN3.10Kingston07/13/2019
VW351500mClaire HALLISSEY5:09.0Kingston07/13/2019
U15 Boys80m HurdlesAria ARIASA-SURREY11.64Birmingham07/13/2019
U20 Women and OutrightTriple JumpLeonie ONYEMS11.53Birmingham07/13/2019
U15 Girls75m HurdlesMia MCINTOSH10.75Birmingham07/13/10§9
U15 GirlsTriple JumpTasmin MARTIN10.18Cambridge07/07/2019
U15 Girls200mLily NORWOOD25.8Cambridge07/07/2019
U15 Boys4x100m RelayMichael JOYCE
U13 BoysPentathlon (3kg Shot)Noah FRANKLIN1,311Jarman Fields06/29/2019
U17 Men1,500mJoseph CHAMBERLAIN4:05.49 Eltham06/19/2019
U15 Girls800mStella WHITLUM2:18.66Eltham06/19/2019
U15 Boys800mTom GAUNCE2:01.41Watford06/12/2019
VM70Half MarathonJohn SLACK2:06.22St Albans06/09/2019
U15 Boys80m HurdlesArya ARIASA-SURREY11.84Jarman Fields06/08/2019
U15 Girls & Outright300mAbbie PARKER39.87Jarman Fields06/08/2019
VF40Pole VaultSarka HAWTIN3.01Coventry06/07/2019
U15 Girls & Outright100mLily NORWOOD12.1Jarman Fields06/02/2019
U15 Girls800mStella WHITLUM2.21.42Milton Keynes06/01/2019
VM50High JumpPeter STANSBURY1.50=Watford05/29/2019
VF6010k roadMandy JACKSON54.04London (Vitality)05/27/2019
Senior Men10k roadChris KITCHENER41.27London05/27/2019
Senior Women10k roadMandy JACKSON54.04London05/27/2019
U20 Women – F20Long JumpEsme O’CONNELL4.45Bedford05/25/2019
VF355,000mClaire HALLISEY18.35.7Jarman Fields05/19/2019
VF40DiscusSarka HAWTIN24.39Jarman Fields05/19/2019
Outright Mixed4x400mOliver AYRES (U17)
Libby MALLORD(U20)
Thomas BAIN (U20)
3.58.5Jarman Fields05/19/2019
VF355,000mClaire HALLISEY18.35.7Jarman Fields05/19/2019
VF40DiscusSarka HAWTIN24.39Jarman Fields05/19/2019
MixedMixed 4x400mOliver AYRES (U17)
Libby MALLORD(U20)
Thomas BAIN (U20)
3.58.5Jarman Fields05/19/2019
U20 WomenTriple JumpLeonie ONYEMS11.11Watford05/15/2019
U20 WomenTriple JumpLeonie ONYEMS11.11Watford05/15/2019
U15 girls300mAbbie PARKER40.62Watford05/12/2019
U15 girls4x100m relayMia MCINTOSH, Abbie PARKER, Lily NORWOOD, Jasmine HARDY49.74Watford05/12/2019
U15 girlsTriple JumpTasmin MARTIN9.81Watford05/12/2019
U20 womenTriple JumpLeonie ONYEMS10.85Watford05/12/2019
VF40Pole ValutSarka HAWTIN3.00=Watford05/11/2019
U15 girls100mLily NORWOOD12.2Watford05/04/2019
Senior Women10,000mAlex EYKELBOSCH28:45.12Natchitoches (USA)05/03/2019
VF40 and Senior WomenMarathonKate RENNIE2:57.28London04/28/2019
U20 Women – F20Long JumpEsme O’CONNELL 4.44Kingston 04/13/2019
U20 Women – F20JavelinEsme O’CONNELL 15.12Kingston 04/13/2019
U20 Women – T20100mEsme O’CONNELL 13.63Kingston 04/06/2019
Senior women20 miles roadAnia GABB2h17.17Milton Keynes03/17/2019
VF60Half marathonMandy JACKSON2h02.59Welwyn03/17/2019
VM5020 miles roadChris KITCHENER2h35.55Milton Keynes03/17/2019
VF4020 miles roadKate RENNIE2h18.23Hillingdon03/10/2019
VM6020 miles roadPhil PUGH2h54.33Hillingdon03/10/2019
U15 girls60m indoorsLily NORWOOD7.82iLee Valley03/07/2019
U15 boys5 miles roadThomas ASHTON32.18Berkhamsted03/03/2019
VF60 Half marathonMandy JACKSON2h04.42Berkhamsted03/03/2019
U15 girls60m hurdles indoorsMia McINTOSH8.77iSheffield EIS02/24/2019
U17 menHalf marathonAngus SAUNDERS1h20.30Wokingham02/24/2019
U17 women60m hurdles indoorsMarli JESSOP8.64iSheffield EIS02/24/2019
U17 women60m hurdles indoorsMarli JESSOP8.63iSheffield EIS02/24/2019
VF55Half marathonCelia FINDLAY1h38.57Wokingham02/24/2019
Senior women20 miles roadAnia GABB2h18.20Bramley02/17/2019
VF5020 miles roadCelia FINDLAY2h38.14Bramley02/17/2019
VF6010k roadMandy JACKSON58.01Welwyn02/10/2019
U15 girls300m indoorsAbbie PARKER41.25iLee Valley02/03/2019
U15 girls300m indoorsAbbie PARKER40.77iLee Valley02/03/2019
VF4010k roadKate RENNIE36.55Chichester02/03/2019
U17 women60m hurdles indoorsMarli JESSOP8.68iLee Valley02/02/2019
U17 women60m hurdles indoorsMarli JESSOP8.71iGlasgow01/26/2019
U20 men60m indoorsDestiny OGALI6.91iLee Valley01/26/2019
Senior women1 mile (indoors)Alex EYKELBOSCH4.58.44iLouisiana, USA01/25/2019
Senior women800m indoorsPhillipa LOWE2.05.19iLee Valley01/20/2019
VF40 / Outright best10 miles roadKate RENNIE1.02.44St Albans01/20/2019
VF5010 miles roadCelia FINDLAY1.13.56St Albans01/20/2019
VF6010 miles roadMandy JACKSON1.45.05St Albans01/20/2019
VM7010 miles roadJohn SLACK1.31.57St Albans01/20/2019
U20 men60m indoorsDestiny OGALI6.95iLee Valley01/19/2019
U17 women60m hurdles indoorsMilly GALL8.76iLee Valley01/13/2019
U17 women60m hurdles indoorsMarli JESSOP8.75iLee Valley01/13/2019
U15 girls300m indoorsAbbie PARKER41.31iLee Valley01/06/2019
U17 women 60m hurdles indoorsMarli JESSOP8.78iLee Valley01/05/2019
*achieved at non-UKA licence event
VF35Half MarathonClaire HALLISSEY1h25.23Milton Keynes12/08/2019
VF3510km roadClaire HALLISSEY38.15Letchworth10/13/2019
U20 men600mMichael ARMSTRONG1:28.11iLee Valley12/01/2019
U17 Women600mLaurent COLLIS1:48.04iLee Valley12/01/2019
VM50600mPeter STANSBURY1:53.83iLee Valley12/01/2019
Senior men – T20800mAlex MCNALLY3:21.2Eton02/07/2019
Senior men – T201,500mAlex MCNALLY6:58.9Eton02/07/2019
Senior men – T201 mileAlex MCNALLY7:14Westminster26/05/2019
Senior men – T2010kAlex MCNALLY56:16London27/05/2019
Senior men – T20Half marathonAlex MCNALLY2:19.06Wimbledon04/08/2019
CROSS-COUNTRY (most points)
U11 GirlTalia Williams
U11 BoyN/A
U13 GirlIsabelle Jelfs
U13 BoyTimothy Fryer
U15 GirlStella Whitlum
U15 BoySamuel Burnell
U17 WomanIndira Patel
U17 ManFreddie Truman-Williams
U20 (Junior) WomanN/A
U20 (Junior) ManRhys Rowlands
Senior WomanSamantha Fawcett
Senior ManMike Carpenter
Veteran WomanKate Rennie
Veteran ManJonathan Hoggett
U11 GirlMark Taylor awardSeren Majed
U11 BoyMark Taylor awardArchie Seddon
U13 GirlAnn Seymour CupBrooke Evans
U13 BoyHaydan London
U15 GirlBlaxland TrophyAmy Barrett
U15 BoyAmy Daly TrophyGabriel Lamb
U17 WomanMarli Jessop
U17 ManWilton ShieldRyan Walker
U20 (Junior Woman)Esme O’Connell
U20 (Junior Man)Committee ShieldEdward Hopper
Senior WomanCommittee BowlKelly DuBuisson
Senior ManLadbroke CupShaun Wall
Veteran WomanSarah Roberts
Veteran ManPeter Stansbury
U13 GirlMark Taylor awardBrooke Evans
U13 BoyMark Taylor awardTheo Potton
U15 GirlTia Ginn
U15 BoyAlex Jackson
U17 WomanMegan Maddison
U17 ManOliver Ayres
Senior/U17 WomanWentworth TrophyKaty Warren
Senior/U17 ManShaun Wall
Development GroupLuis Ochser
Discus/HammerAlex Jackson
HJAnna Craggs
HurdlesArya Ariasa-Surrey
JavelinMegan Maddison
LJ/TJTalia Turay
Middle-distanceJessica Hoar
Multi-eventsHelena Van Hullen
PVHaydn Williams
Road RunnersPhilip Pugh
ShotJosiah Barker
Sprint Group 1Louis Jackson
Sprint Group 2Jasmine Hardy
300/400m runnersAbbie Parker
U13sKenneth Powley
Club Athlete of the YearWilliams TrophyKaty Warren
Outstanding HurdlerThe Fred Ward TrophyMia McIntosh
Outstanding JumperJosh Woods
Outstanding Marathon runnerRhoda Bartley Memorial TrophyBen Stratford
Outstanding Middle-Distance RunnerThe John Dickenson CupTom Gaunce
Outstanding Road Runner (Female)Kate Rennie
Outstanding Road Runner (Male)John Slack
Outstanding SprinterThe Chairman’s CupDestiny Ogali
Outstanding Thrower (previously field)The Trevor Ratcliffe TrophyGabriel Lamb
Outstanding Ultra RunnerJamie Marlow
Relay Team of the YearU15G
Team of the YearDickens Glass DecanterU15B X-C
Outstanding Female Athlete The Barford TrophyMia McIntosh
Outstanding Male Athlete The Echo CupDestiny Ogali
Athlete Achievement The Bob McCall Award Ben McGuinness
60miJatila REAVIL-BLAKE 7.68i Lee Valley 07/03/2019Danni TOWN 7.91i Lee Valley 04/03/2012Jatila REAVIL-BLAKE 7.68i Lee Valley 07/03/2010Lily NORWOOD 7.82i Lee Valley 07/03/2019Danielle PATMORE 8.74i Eton 05/03/2006
60m hurdles indoorsTalia MORTON-KEMSLEY 9.39i EIS Sheffield 12/03/2016Alison BENNETT 9.40i Birmingham 20/02/2005 (84cm)Marli JESSOP 8.63i Sheffield EIS 24/02/2019 (76.2cm)Mia McINTOSH 8.77ii EIS Sheffield 24/02/2019Tia STONEHOUSE 11.37i Lee Valley 28/03/2015 (68.5cm)
75mDanielle TOWN 10.2 Guildford 07/23/2006
100mLily NORWOOD 12.1 Jarman Fields 06/02/2019Laura CLARK 12.2 Ipswich 6/15/13Jatila REAVIL-BLAKE 12.5 Cambridge 6/6/10Lily NORWOOD 12.1 Jarman Fields 06/02/2019Megan SMITH 13.0 Jarman Fields 6/14/08
150mDanielle TOWN 20.5 Guildford 07/23/2018
200mPhillipa LOWE 24.5
Welwyn Garden City 18/06/16
Laura CLARK 25.48 Watford 6/22/13Libby MALLORD 26.1 Jarman Fields 18/08/18Lily NORWOOD 25.6 Cambridge 07/07/19 & Jarman Fields 22/09/2019Megan SMITH 27.0 Jarman Fields 8/30/08
300mAbbie PARKER 39.87 Jarman Fields 06/08/2019Olive COLES 42.20 Copthall 07/08/16Abbie PARKER 39.87 Jarman Fields 06/08/2019
400mPhillipa LOWE 52.83 Geneva 15/06/2019Olive COLES 56.75 Watford 12/07/2017Olive COLES 59.64 Watford 13/07/16
600mLaurent COLLIS 1:48.04 Lee Valley 01/12/2019Laurent COLLIS 1:48.04 Lee Valley 01/12/2019
800mAoife KELLY 2.15.76 Watford 7/15/09Aoife KELLY 2.15.76 Watford 7/15/09Olive COLES 2.18.74 Watford 9/09/15Stella WHITLUM
2:18.66 Eltham
Karen CANHAM 2.24.9 Copthall 8/17/85
1,500mSarah GROVER 4.32.04 Watford 8/22/18Hannah WALKER 4.36.68 Solihull 7/18/09Rachel NICHOLSON 4.50.0 Watford 1993Joanne DOMAN 4.53.1 Enfield 6/8/85Olivia EDWARDS 5.07.2 Watford 0628/2017
1,200mRebecca ARMORGIE 4.14.0 Jarman Fields 21/5/2006
MileAlex EYKELBOSCH 4.58.44i Louisiana, USA 25/01/2019Lisa HOLLICK 5.31.2 Watford 7/17/85Karen LEVITT 5.26.8 Watford 8/12/87Olivia EDWARDS 5.41.56 Watford 5/04/2017
3,000mHannah WALKER 9.39.64 Crystal Palace 7/25/09Hannah WALKER 9.39.64 Crystal Palace 7/25/09Joanne DOMAN 10.21.9 Corby 4.14.87Aoife KELLY 11.20.5 Jarman Fields 9/18/05
5,000mHannah WALKER 16.38.64 Gateshead 7/18/10Hannah WALKER 16.38.96 Gateshead 7/18/10Indira PATEL 18.27.1 Jarman Fields 9/09/2018
10,000mAlex EYKELBOSCH 28:45.12 Natchitoches (USA) 3/5/19
3,000m SC 76.2cm
2,000m SC 76.2cmSarah GROVER 7.31.80 Lee Valley 5/08/18Sarah GROVER 8.11.9 Wormwood Scrubs 7/14/12Grace BIRDSEYE 8.22.9 Welwyn 18/6/2/16
1,500 SC 76.2cmSarah GROVER 5.30.98 Perivale 20/05/18Sarah GROVER 6.03.9 Jarman Fields 4/20/13Grace BIRDSEYE 5.52.98 Bromley 17/07/16
400m Hurdles 76.2cmPhillipa LOWE 58.50 Loughborough 17/5/15Olive COLES
61.90 Bedford 17/06/17
Olive COLES 66.23 Croydon 9/07/16
Alison McDONNELL 66.2 Oxford 08/08/1987
300m Hurdles 76.2cmAlison McDONNELL 45.7 Haringey 4/23/88Olive COLES 45.67 Ashford 14/08/2016
Sprint Hurdles100m Hurdles 84.0cm Alison McDONNELL 14.7 Welwyn Garden City 9/15/96100m Hurdles 84.0cm Alison BENNETT 15.2 Eton 5/20/0680m hurdles 76.2cm (-0.8 m/s) Marli JESSOP 11.33 Lee Valley 08/07/201875m hurdles Mia McINTOSH 10.75 Birmingham 13/07/201870m Hurdles
Zoe CARROLL 11.76 Kingston-upon-Thames 07/31/2016 68.5cm Melissa ROGERS 11.7 Kingston 7/28/96
4x100mMia MCINTOSH, Abbie PARKER, Lily NORWOOD, Jasmine HARDY
49.74 WATFORD 12/5/19
Jatila REAVIL-BLAKE Danni TOWN Anna JONES (U17) Lucy JONES (U17)
52.7 Jarman Fields 4/21/12
Milly GALL
Lily NORWOOD 50.04 Thurrock 15/9/19 3/6/2018
49.74 WATFORD 12/5/19
Brooke EVANS, Krystal POWLEY, Amy BARRETT, Jasmine HARDY 56.4 Jarman Fields 3/6/2018
4x200m (4x300m U17)Catherine WOOLFREY (V40) Valerie PRITCHARD (V40) Rebecca REDDING Natasha BRUNNING
2.04.2 Jarman Fields 7/13/09
3.05.3 Jarman Fields 6/24/07
4x400mJulia COOPER Vicki QUINCEY Anne COLE Alison McDONNELL 4.05.8 Watford 07/13/94Helen WRIGHT Emma Jane FLITNEY Victoria MUDD Claire ADAMS
4.52.3 Haringey 6/19/05
4.21.8 Watford Aug 94
4x400m MixedOliver AYRES (U17)
Libby MALLORD(U20)
Thomas BAIN (U20)
Jarman Fields
1600m Medley RelayJanice BELKACEM Geraldine DUNNINGS Valerie PRITCHARD Catherine WOOLFREY
5.30.2* Watford 6/4/01
2,000m walkValerie PRITCHARD 13.40.6 Jarman Fields 13/07/2009
3,000m walk
5,000m walk
10km walk
20km walk
EventSeniors/Outright BestU20 MenU17 MenU15 BoysU13 Boys
60m indoorsDominic ASHWELL 6.82i Lee Valley 24/01/2015Destiny OGALI 6.91i Lee Valley 25/01/2019Dominic ASHWELL 6.82i Lee Valley 24/01/2015Chenna OKOH 7.30i Lee Valley 19/01/2014
100mJohn GARNER 10.5 Acoteias, Portugal 15/3/88Destiny OGALI 10.61 Manchester 14/08/2019Dominic ASHWELL 10.57 (1.8m/s) Bedford 31/05/15Dominic ASHWELL 11.2 Cambridge 4/8/13Chenna OKOH 12.1 Jarman Fields 23/9/12
150mLiam SANDFORD 17.97 Cheltenham 16/07/14Marcus STANSBURY 22.73 Lee Valley 02/04/18
200mEliot COPPERWHITE 21.84 Watford 22/6/13Eliot COPPERWHITE 21.84 Watford 22/6/13Destiny OGALI 22.09 Jarman Fields 10/06/2018Chenna OKOH 22.78 Watford 24/5/14Chenna OKOH 25.2 Cambridge 19.8.12
300mChenna OKOH 35.6 Jarman Fields 07/06/2014Chenna OKOH 35.6 Jarman Fields 07/06/2014
400mPaul FIELD 48.37 Finland 22-23/8/92Paul LONGHURST 50.7 West London Stadium 1/9/93Chenna OKOH 49.70i EIS, Sheffield 28/02/15Chenna OKOH 51.37 Watford 21/8/13Jack ROSSINI 61.9 Southend-on-Sea 25/5/03
600mGeorge DOWDING 1:22.78 Lee Valley 02/12/18Michael ARMSTRONG 1:28.11 Lee Valley 01/12/19George DOWDING 1:22.78 Lee Valley 02/12/18Tom GAUNCE 1:30.14 Lee Valley02/12/18
800mCharles BODDAM-WHETHAM 1.52.7 Cambridge 15/5/99Tylar WENDLEKEN 1.58.1 Watford 12/6/92Charles BODDAM-WHETHAM 1.57.4 Harrow 6/5/95Tom GAUNCE 2:00.97 Eltham 14/08/2019Paul LIPMAN 2.16.6 Welwyn Garden City 31/8/98
1,500mSimon EVERINGTON 3.53.09 Watford 5/7/03Neil BURTON 4.07.1 Watford 10/6/00Joseph CHAMBERLAIN 4:03.89 Watford 24/07/19Joseph CHAMBERLAIN 4.15.2 Watford 25/07/2018Ryan COX 4.38.2 Hayes 4/6/89
MileCraig SCOTT 4.34.5 Copthall 14/8/82David WOOD 4.41.1 Watford 5/9/90Paul TURNER 4.38.5 Watford 8/8/90Simon EVERINGTON 5.12.5 Watford 12/8/87Simon EVERINGTON 5.09.4 Watford 10/9/86
3,000mJack PARSLOW 8.23.25 Watford 29/08/15Neil BURTON 8.41.83i NIA, Birmingham 25/02/2001Kristian IMROTH 8.47.71 Reading 29/04/2018Kristian IMROTH 9.32.5 Jarman Fields 26/6/16Simon EVERINGTON 10.23.6 Watford 9/7/86
5,000mNeil BURTON 14.36.97 Solihull 25/6/05Matthew SALT 15.41.26 Bedford 30/4/11Matthew SALT 16.02.0 Jarman Fields 18/9/08
10,000mJack PARSLOW 30.15.66 Stretford 20/08/2016Richard HARVEY 34.08.4 St Albans 9/9/89
3,000m SC (91.4cm)Andrew CRACKNELL 9.40.99 Jarman Fields 17/7/11Andrew CRACKNELL 10.08.5 Jarman Fields 3/8/02Rhys ROWLANDS 10.54.9 Jarman Fields 13/09/15
2,000m SC (91.4cm)Stephen McHUGH 6.15.7 Haringey 29/05/89Stephen McHUGH 6.15.7 Haringey 29/5/89Freddie TRUMAN-WILLIAMS 6.52.5 Jarman Fields 17/08/2019
1,500m SC (91.4cm)Stephen McHUGH 4.37.2 Crystal Palace 28/5/88Kristian IMROTH 4.31.3 Bromley 27/05/2018
60m hurdles indoorsDavid SIMMONS 8.30i Crystal Palace SCAAA 1983Richard HANSARD 8.64i NIA Birmingham 20/02/2005Ralph WILLIAMS 8.56i Lee Valley 20/01/2018Josiah BARKER 19.49i Lee Valley 19/03/2016
400m Hurdles (91.4cm)David GRIFFIN 52.87 Cardiff 1992Jeremy LAI 58.0 Watford 15/6/85Richard BONFIELD Enfield 57.6 1985
Sprint hurdlesRafer JOSEPH 14.9 Sutcliffe Park 5/7/97Richard HANSARD 15.0 (99.1cm) Haringey 19/6/05Ralph WILLIAMS 13.60 (-0.4 m/s) Jarman Fields 09/06/2018Arya ARIASA-SURREY 11.64 (80m/84cm) Birmingham 13/07/2019Miles FRANCOIS 13.41 (80m/76.2cm) Watford 14/5/06 Josiah BARKER 12.5 (75m/76.2cm) Jarman Fields 10/8/14
4 x 100mGavin TOWN, John GARNER, Winston THOMAS, Paul FIELD 43.7 Watford 6/6/90Ian SIMSON (U17), James FRANCOIS, Kyle LOCKER, Richard WENTFORD 48.7 Woodford Green 24/4/05Solomon SANDIFORD, Josh WOODS, Tom GERARD, Destiny OGALI 44.8 Jarman Park 3/6/18Michael JOYCE
Oscar NORTH, Alex MANCEY, Jonathan CHIWELE, Michael JOYCE 54.9 Ipswich
4x400mRussell CLARKE
Parliament Hill
Thomas BAIN
Oliver AYRES (U17)
James GLYN
Jarman Fields
4x400m MixedOliver AYRES (U17)
Libby MALLORD(U20)
Thomas BAIN (U20)
3.58.5 Jarman Fields
1,600m medley relayDacorum & Tring 4.15.0 Enfield 13/5/96
2,000m walkPeter MORRIS 11.12.2 Enfield 26/4/99
3,000m walkPeter MORRIS 16.56.9 Stevenage 29/8/99
1 hour
24 hours
High jumpMegan SMITH 1.71m Jarman Fields 11/06/2011Megan SMITH 1.70m Watford 24/05/2014Megan SMITH 1.71m Jarman Fields 11/06/2011Megan SMITH 1.68m Lee Valley 17/04/2010Megan SMITH 1.60m Watford 14/06/2008
Pole vaultSarka ROBINSON 3.40mi Lee Valley 13/03/2010Ellie THOMPSON 3.00m Woodford Green 25/04/2015Jessica O’SULLIVAN 3.10m Woodford Green 25/04/2015Amy THURGOOD 2.70m Jarman Fields 13/09/2015Alice KING 2.00m Jarman Fields 10/08/2014
Long jumpNicola CORRAY 5.56m Jarman Fields 16/10/2001Joanna LANG 5.48m Jarman Fields 28/04/2007Talia MORTON-KEMSLEY 5.52mi Sheffield EIS 02/25/2017Milly GALL 5.67m Birmingham 7/07/2017Millie GALL 4.85m Copthall 02/08/2015
Triple jumpLeonie ONYEMS 11.53 Birmingham 13/07/19Leonie ONYEMS 11.53 Birmingham 13/07/19Leonie ONYEMS 11.09m Lee Valley 08/07/2018Tasmin MARTIN 10.19 Horspath 07/09/19
Shot puttCatherine COTTERILL 11.75m Abingdon 22/04/2006 (4.0kg) Rachel MORRIS 10.12m Sheffield 19/07/1998 (4.0kg)Dani WHEELER 11.04m Exeter Arena 07/07/2001 (4.0kg)Dani WHEELER 11.34m Sheffield 07/07/2000 (3.25kg)
Shot putt 3kgTalia MORTON-KEMSLEY 11.74mi Sheffield EIS 03/11/2017Milly GALL 10.6m Watford 14/05/2017 Zoe CARROLL 8.97m Jarman Fields 07/03/2016
Discus throwCatherine COTTERILL 40.72m Loughborough 20/05/1998 (1.0kg)Rachel MORRIS 38.02m Copthall 27/07/1988 (1.0kg)Rachel MORRIS 37.78m Birmingham 10/07/1987 (1.0kg)Katie WEBB 34.88m Twickenham 30/09/2018 (1.0kg)Katie WEBB 30.36m Jarman Fields 04/09/2016 (0.75kg)
Hammer throw
Catherine COTTERILL 44.64m Jarman Fields 03/09/2005 (4.0kg)Melanie FLASH 42.99m Abingdon 22/04/2006 (4.0kg)Melanie FLASH 38.96m Birmingham 14/08/2004 (4.0kg)Kate HOPPER 15.27m Jarman Fields 22/09/2019
Hammer throw
Amy WRIGHT 48.10m Hemel Hempstead 21/06/2017 (3.0kg)Amy WRIGHT 48.10m Hemel Hempstead 21/06/2017 (3.0kg)Amy WRIGHT 42.26m Hemel Hempstead 4/9/2016 (3.0kg)
Javelin throw
Sarah GREEN 40.64m Portsmouth 17/05/1997 (600g)Aimee STYLES 38.00m Welwyn GC 18/04/1999 (600g)Aimee STYLES 35.23m Bucks Schools 13/06/1998 (600g)Aimee STYLES
32.52m Jarman Fields 05/01/1996
Javelin throw
Eloise WALKER 37.41m Horspath 05/15/2016Tia STONEHOUSE 41.30m Watford 05/14/2017 Tia STONEHOUSE 29.80m Watford 10/05/2015 (400g)
with heavier shot
Rebecca CARBERY 2,643p Watford 10/07/2005Rebecca CARBERY 2,643p Watford 10/07/2005Sophie LEE 2,696p Jarman Fields 19/07/2009Sophie LEE 2,913p Birmingham 21/09/2008Melissa ROGERS 2,206p Welwyn GC 18/07/1996
Pentathlon with lighter shotAmelia WOODNICK 2,810p Jarman Fields 07/16/2017Milly GALL 3,084p Kingston-upon-Thames 24/06/2017
Heptathlon with heavier shotRebecca CARBERY 3,873p Southampton 18/09/2005Rebecca CARBERY 3,873p Southampton 18/09/2005Sarah WALSH 3,952p Birmingham 17/07/2000
Heptathlon with lighter shotMilly GALL 4484 pts Ashford 23/06/2018Milly GALL 4484 pts Ashford 23/06/2018
EventSeniors/Outright BestU20 MenU17 MenU15 BoysU13 Boys
High jumpRobert MITCHELL 2.20m Jarman Fields 16/901Robert MITCHELL 2.14m Bedford 04/07/99Robert MITCHELL 2.00m Jarman Fields 10/8/97Howard GALE 1.82m Bedford 6/8/00Steven FITZWILLIAM 1.59m Watford 1985
Pole vaultRafer JOSEPH 4.60m Sutcliffe Park 5/7/97Lee CORDELL 4.40m Eton 26/8/06James WELLER 4.11m Jarman Fields 15/9/13James WELLER 3.63 (i) Carshalton 25/9/11Benjamin JACKSON 2.40m 23/9/97 Josiah BARKER 2.40m Watford 21/5/14
Long jumpDaniel HOPPER 7.33m Birmingham 13/08/2018Daniel HOPPER 7.33m Birmingham 13/08/2018Paul LONGHURST 6.79m Crystal Palace 16/6/90Mark SWALES 6.06m Welwyn Garden City 16/7/89Josiah Barker 4.97m Jarman Fields 7/6/14
Triple jumpBradley PIKE 14.83m Watford 15/5/11Bradley PIKE 14.83m Watford 15/5/11Bradley PIKE 14.76m Watford 27/6/10Lierre HENRY 12.46m Jarman Fields 22/09/2019Nicholas HOOKER 10.28m Watford 18/9/88
Shot puttPierre FABER 17.81m (7.26kg) Bedford 31/5/99Samuel WALKER 14.26m (6.0kg) SEAA Inter-Counties 23/8/92Benjamin WALKER 14.85m (5kg) Birmingham 17/9/94Benjamin WALKER 14.16m (4kg) King’s Lynn 31/5/92Benjamin WALKER 10.18m (3.25kg) Watford 7/5/90
Alex JACKSON 9.92m (3kg) Lee Valley 12/08/18
Discus throwRafer JOSEPH 50.24m (2kg) 18/5/96Stephen WATSON 53.85m (1.57kg) Bedford 28/6/09Benjamin WALKER 51.72m (1.5kg) Birmingham 17/9/94Benjamin WALKER 48.76m (1.25kg) AAA Nationals 15/8/92Benjamin WALKER 32.24m (1kg) Enfield 29/7/90
Hammer throwPaul DICKINSON 54.78m (7.26kg) Swindon 28-29/5/94Benjamin FLASH 52.25m (6kg) Jarman Fields 21/9/08Nicholas DAVIDSON 55.96m (5kg) Birmingham 9/8/86Benjamin JONES 47.63m (4kg) Jarman Fields 18/9/11Alex JACKSON 29.33m (3kg) Copthall 30/06/2018
Javelin throwRoald BRADSTOCK 74.73m (800g) Tucson, Arizona 19/5/11Paul LONGHURST 59.14m (800g) Mile End 23/5/92Sean O’HANLON 60.50m (700g) Birmingham 7/8/93Jaque HUTCHINSON 44.75m (600g) Jarman Fields 19/9/04Rhys HARRIES 36.03m (400g) St Albans 5/08/2018
PentathlonPaul Longhurst 3,148p 30/6/96Darren MILLS 2,223p Jarman Fields 26/7/98Stephen GIBBS 2,622p Haringey 22/08/92Mark SWALES 2,398p Haringey Aug-89Josiah BARKER 1,597p (3.25k shot) Jarman Fields 06/07/14
Noah FRANKLIN 1,311p (3kg shot) Jarman Fields 29/06/2019
OctathlonBenjamin WALKER 5,026p English Schools Champs 24/25-09/94
DecathlonPierre FABER 7,581p Gotzls 25-26/05/96Paul LONGHURST 5,840p Sheffield 21-22/09/91Richard BONFIELD 3,862p Watford
60m iJatila REAVIL-BLAKE 7.68 i Lee Valley 07/03/2010Danni TOWN 7.91i Lee Valley 04/03/2012Jatila REAVIL-BLAKE 7.68i Lee Valley 07/03/2010Lily NORWODD 7.82i Lee Valley 7/3/109Danielle PATMORE 8.74i Eton 05/03/2006
60m hurdles iTalia MORTON-KEMSLEY 9.39i EIS Sheffield 12/03/2016Alison BENNETT 9.40i Birmingham 20/02/2005 (84.0cm)Marli JESSOP 8.78i Lee Valley 05/01/19 (76.2cm)Marli Jessop 8.71i Glasgow 26/01/2019Tia STONEHOUSE 11.37i Lee Valley 28/03/2015 (68.5cm)
400m hurdles iOlive COLES 56.78i Sheffield EIS 25/02/2017
Pentathlon i with lighter shotTalia MORTON-KEMSLEY 3,375p i Lee Valley 17/12/16Millie GALL 3,328p i Sheffield EIS 12/03/2017
Pentathlon i with heavier shotCoco DAY 3,062p i Lee Valley 01/13/13Tia STONEHOUSE 1,871p i Lee Valley 03/29/2015
400m iPhillipa LOWE 52.99i Sheffield EIS 12/02/2017Olive COLES 58.32i Lee Valley 15/01/2017
800m iPhillipa LOWE 2.05.19ii Lee Valley 20/01/2019
MileAlex EYKELBOSCH 4.58.44i Louisiana, USA 25/01/2019
Shot putt (3kg)Talia MORTON-KEMSLEY 11.74i Sheffield EIS 11/03/2017
Long jumpTalia MORTON-KEMSLEY 5.52mi Sheffield EIS 2502/2017
EventSenior/Outright BestU20 MenU17 MenU15 BoysU13 Boys
60miDominic ASHWELL 6.82i Lee Valley 24/1/15Eliot COPPERWHITE 6.96i Lee Valley 12/4/13Dominic ASHWELL 6.82i Lee Valley 24/1/15Chenna OKOH 7.30I Lee Valley 19/1/14
60m hurdles iDavid SIMMONS 8.30i Crystal Palace SCAAA 1983Richard HANSARD 8.64i NIA Birmingham 20/2/05Ralph WILLIAMS 8.56i Lee Valley 20/01/2018Josiah BARKER 19.49i Lee Valley 19/03/26
Pentathlon iJames WELLER 3,615p Sheffield 3/3/13
High jumpNatasha BRUNNING 1.50m Solihull 13/8/08Natasha BRUNNING 1.45m St Albans 18/05/13Deborah KEENLEYSIDE 1.20m Abingdon 7/8/10
Pole vaultNatasha BRUNNING 3.30m Jarman Fields 4/9/10Sarka HAWTIN 3.10m
Kingston 13/7/19
Jesolo 13/9/19
Long jumpNatasha BRUNNING 5.47m Colchester 26/6/10Natasha BRUNNING 5.18m Jarman Fields 10/8/13Susan BIGNELL 3.37m Jarman Fields 19/9/10
Triple jumpNatasha BRUNNING 11.42m Lahti, Finland 30/7/09Natasha BRUNNING 10.78m Jarman Fields 13/7/13
Shot puttDeborah KEENLEYSIDE 8.17m (4kg) Plymouth 24/7/93Deborah KEENLEYSIDE 8.99m (4kg) Colchester 26/6/99Deborah KEENLEYSIDE 7.57m (4kg) Abingdon 7/8/10
Discus throwDeborah KEENLEYSIDE 23.46m (1kg) Colchester 17/5/97Sarka HAWTIN 24.39m (1kg) Jarman Fields 19/5/19Deborah KEENLEYSIDE 19.12m (1kg) Abingdon 7/8/10Eileen ROBERTS 8.76m (1kg) Carshalton 9/6/12
Hammer throwNatasha BRUNNING 12.91m (4kg) Wormwood Scrubs 14/7/12Catherine WOOLFREY 18.20m (4kg) Jarman Fields 18/9/05Catherine WOOLFREY 20.25m (3kg) Jarman Fields 19/9/10
Javelin throwDeborah KEENLEYSIDE 29.08m (600g) Welwyn Garden City 30/7/95Deborah KEENLEYSIDE 28.14m (600g) Colchester 26/6/99Deborah KEENLEYSIDE 21.17m (600g) Abingdon 7/9/10
EventOver 40sOver 50sOver 60sOver 70sOver 80s
100mWinston THOMAS 11.7 Reading 8/9/89Winston THOMAS 12.6 Enfield 24/4/95Peter MORRIS 15.3 Ilford 7/6/99
150mPeter STANSBURY 22.25 Lee Valley 02/04/18
200mWinston THOMAS 23.8 Basingstoke 27/5/89Winston THOMAS Jvyaskyla, Finland 25.30 12/7/00David IVES 27.7 Jarman Fields 12/7/10Peter MORRIS 33.3 Copthall 9/6/08Peter MORRIS 39.70 Jarman Fields 07/11/2016
300mPeter STANSBURY 44.8 Tooting Bec 30/06/18
400mWinston THOMAS 52.1 Bracknell 2/7/88Winston THOMAS 55.64 Jyvaskyla 12/7/00Peter MORRIS 67.8 Ilford 7/6/99Peter MORRIS 76.7 Jarman Fields 11/6/07
600mPeter STANSBURY 1:53.83 Lee Valley 01/12/19
800mWinston THOMAS 2.05.0 Ladywell Park 15/8/87Raymond GURNEY 2.17.0 Enfield 11/5/98Peter MORRIS 2.44.0 Jarman Fields 19/9/99John COOPER 3.24.1 Stevenage 11/06/2018
1,500mRaymond GURNEY 4.20.7 Watford 11/9/88Raymond GURNEY 4.42.7 Enfield 20/4/98Peter MORRIS 4.43.2 Peterborough 31/5/97John COOPER 6.50.9 Lee Valley 14/05/2018
MileJohn JALES 5.04.3 Watford 12/8/87John COOPER 5.22.2 Wimbledon 15/5/99Peter MORRIS 5.32.4 Enfield 26/04/99
3,000mAlun SAINSBURY 9.18.7 Watford 21/5/07John JALES 10.40.8 Watford 22/9/91Peter MORRIS 12.07.3 Jarman Fields 19/9/99John COOPER 13.50 Stevenage 11/06/2018
5,000mLawrie FOSTER 15.29.8 15/6/84Raymond GURNEY 18.12.9 Jarman Fields 11/09/97Peter MORRIS 19.32.9 Deangate 22/6/96Malcolm SARGEANT 25.03.01 Jarman Fields 17/09/17
10,000m Colin TAYLOR 38.03.01 Jarman Fields 25/09/05
3,000m SC (91.4cm) Alun SAINSBURY 11.11.7 Bournemouth 2/6/07Peter MORRIS 12/48.0 (76.2cm) Watford 22/07/95Peter MORRIS 11.56.5 (76.2cm) Basildon 15/5/99
2,000m SC (91.4cm) Andrew DEL NEVO 7.41.4 Jarman Fields 10/8/13
400m hurdles (91.4cm)Winston THOMAS 58 .8 Watford 24/6/89Winston THOMAS 64.3 Brighton 3/6/95Peter MORRIS 97.5 (76.2m) Portsmouth 4/6/00
Sprint hurdles (99.1cm)John GARNER 17.4 Watford 21/5/07David IVES 19.2 (100m/91.4cm) Jarman Fields 19/9/99
4 x 100mDacorum & Tring 51.1 Enfield 24/4/95
4 x 400m George CHALSTREY (V50), Mick NORTH, Ken Perry 4.32.6 Watford 12/6/00
1,600m Medley RelayDacorum & Tring 4.15.0 Enfield 13/5/96
2,000m walkJohn SAUNDERS 14.43.6 Enfield 3/5/00Lesley LEECH 13.53.3 Enfield 10/5/04Peter MORRIS 11.12.2 Enfield 26/4/99Peter MORRIS 13.13.4 Copthall 2/7/07Peter MORRIS 16.16.9 Jarman Fields 07/11/2016
3,000m walkPeter MORRIS 16.56.9 Stevenage 29/8/99
High jumpNatasha BRUNNING 1.50m Solihull 13/8/08Natasha BRUNNING 1.45m St Albans 18/05/13Deborah KEENLEYSIDE 1.20m Abingdon 7/8/10
Pole vaultNatasha BRUNNING 3.30m Jarman Fields 4/9/10Sarka HAWTIN 3.10m
Kingston 13/7/19
Jesolo 13/9/19
Long jumpNatasha BRUNNING 5.47m Colchester 26/6/10Natasha BRUNNING 5.18m Jarman Fields 10/8/13Susan BIGNELL 3.37m Jarman Fields 19/9/10
Triple jumpNatasha BRUNNING 11.42m Lahti, Finland 30/7/09Natasha BRUNNING 10.78m Jarman Fields 13/7/13
Shot puttDeborah KEENLEYSIDE 8.17m (4kg) Plymouth 24/7/93Deborah KEENLEYSIDE 8.99m (4kg) Colchester 26/6/99Deborah KEENLEYSIDE 7.57m (4kg) Abingdon 7/8/10
Discus throwDeborah KEENLEYSIDE 23.46m (1kg) Colchester 17/5/97Sarka HAWTIN 24.39m (1kg) Jarman Fields 19/5/19Deborah KEENLEYSIDE 19.12m (1kg) Abingdon 7/8/10Eileen ROBERTS 8.76m (1kg) Carshalton 9/6/12
Hammer throwNatasha BRUNNING 12.91m (4kg) Wormwood Scrubs 14/7/12Catherine WOOLFREY 18.20m (4kg) Jarman Fields 18/9/05Catherine WOOLFREY 20.25m (3kg) Jarman Fields 19/9/10
Javelin throwDeborah KEENLEYSIDE 29.08m (600g) Welwyn Garden City 30/7/95Deborah KEENLEYSIDE 28.14m (600g) Colchester 26/6/99Deborah KEENLEYSIDE 21.17m (600g) Abingdon 7/9/10
High jumpJohn GARNER 1.85m Jarman Fields 17/9/06David IVES 1.50m Tooting Bec 2/5/98
Peter STANSBURY 1.50m Watford 05/09/2018
Watford 05/29/2019
David IVES 1.30m Jarman Fields 21/9/08
Pole vault Richard GAMMAGE 4.21m Cosford 25/6/08David GORDON 3.51mi Carshalton 23/09/2018Peter MORRIS 2.00m 18/05/96 Gerald Ratcliffe 2.00m Jarman Fields 16/5/98
Long jumpWinston THOMAS 5.76m Perivale 5/6/88Richard EMPTAGE
5.05m Jarman Fields 13/07/15
David IVES 3.68m Jarman Fields 22/6/08Peter MORRIS 2.33m Lee Valley 30/04/07
Triple jumpRichard EMPTAGE 11/57m Jarman Fields 2/8/03Richard Emptage 10.69m Stevenage 5/5/14David IVES 7.27m Lee Valley 21/6/10
Shot putt John Garner 11.67m (7.26kg) Jarman Fields 17/9/06John GARNER 11.92m (6kg) Jarman Fields 13/09/2015David IVES 9.54m (5kg) Lee Valley 30/4/12Gerald RATCLIFFE 26.18m (4kg) Jarman Fields 17/9/06
Discus throwPeter YATES 39.38m (2kg) Sutcliffe Park 4/7/98Pete BENNETT 40.31 (1.5kg) Jarman Fields 19/9/10Gerald RATCLIFFE 33.43m (1kg) Enfield 22/05/00Gerald RATCLIFFE 26.18m (1kg) Jarman Fields 17/9/06
Hammer throwPaul DICKENSON 54.78m (7.26kg) Swindon 28-29/5/94Paul DICKENSON 53.50m (6kg) Norman Park 8/7/00Paul DICKENSON 52.20m (5kg) Kingston 9/4/11Peter MORRIS 16.66m (4kg) Copthall 9/6/08
Javelin throwRoald BRADSTOCK 74.73m (800g) Cula Vista 19/5/11 Trevor RATCLIFFE 58.57m (800g) Lyon, France 9/08/15Gerald RATCLIFFE 45.46m (600g) Blackpool 29/6/97Gerald RATCLIFFE 35.23m (500g) Jarman Fields 17/9/06
Pentathlon Winston THOMAS 2,932p Stoke-on-Trent 6/8/88David IVES 2,875p
Eton 02/11/2003
David IVES 1,194p
Jarman Fields 22/06/2008
60m iRebecca REDDING 8.48i Lee Valley 07/03/2009Lesley Ann Hopkins 8.70i Cardiff 19/02/2005
60m hurdles i
Pentathlon i
60miDavid IVES 8.7i Eton 2/11/03
60m hurdles iMichael SMITH 7.69i
Torun, Poland
David IVES 12.01i Eton 2/11/03
5km on road: Senior men/outright bestRhys ROWLANDS16.32Waddesdon19/07/2017
5km on road: U13 BoysTim FRYER19.47Milton Keynes11/03/2018
5km on road: U15 BoysSam BURNELL16.38Waddesdon17/07/2019
5km on road: U17 MenFreddie TRUMAN-WILLIAMS15.54Kings Langley06/10/2019
5km on road: U20 MenRhys ROWLANDS16.32Waddesdon19/07/2017
5km on road: VM40David OLIMA18.33Hatfield*3/10/2018
5km on road: VM50Stephen SHAW19.16Waddesdon15/07/2015
5km on road: VM60Philip PUGH22.05Hatfield*25/09/2019
5km on road: VM70John SLACK25.54Waddesdon18/07/2018
5 Miles: Senior Men/Outright bestJames LAWLER24.51Harrow16/11/1997
5 Miles: U15 BoysThomas ASHTON32.18Berkhamsted03/03/2019
5 Miles: U17 MenFreddie TRUMAN-WILLIAMS28.23Hatfield25/11/2018
5 Miles: U20 MenMatt SALT25.26Victoria Park26/03/2011
5 Miles: V40 MenJamie SAUNDERS28.34Hatfield25/11/2018
5 Miles: V50 MenStephen SHAW31.59Hatfield29/011/2015
5 Miles: V60 MenKen PERRY35.38Marlow12/05/2013
5 Miles: V70 MenJohn SLACK42.07Hatfield25/11/2018
10km: MenJack PARSLOW31.04Cardiff9/09/2012
10km: U20 MenMatthew SALT34.51Wheathampstead23/05/2010
10km: U17 MenOliver GLYN37.17Abbots Langley3/10/2010
10km: VM40Paul ALLEN34.46Hatfield26/05/2003
10km: VM50Simon TOWNSEND40.21Bovingdon01/09/2019
10km: VM60Philip PUGH46.29Bovingdon01/09/2019
10km: VM70John JALES54.54Thame28/06/2009
10 Miles: MenJames LAWLER51.41Maidenhead10/04/1998
10 Miles: U17 MenMark KIRBY58.54Hemel Hempstead18/03/1995
10 Miles: U20 MenMatthew SALT56.23Chesham30/12/2012
10 Miles: VM40Paul ALLEN57.32St Albans31/01/2009
10 Miles: VM50John JALES61.13Hemel Hempstead20/03/1993
10 Miles: VM60Peter MORRIS72.32Hemel Hempstead15/03/2003
10 Miles: VM70John SLACK1h31.57St Albans20/01/2019
1/2 Marathon: MenJack PARSLOW1h07.47South Shields11/09/2016
1/2 Marathon: U17 menAngus SAUNDERS1h20.30Wokingham24/02/2019
1/2 Marathon: U20 menJamie AYRES1h41.52St Albans10/06/2018
1/2 Marathon: VM40Paul ALLEN1h17.07Milton Keynes20/03/05
1/2 Marathon: VM50Ian NEEDLEMAN1h27.45Berkhamsted6/03/2011
1/2 Marathon: VM60Matthew David STEARS1h46.04Bournemouth07/10/2017
1/2 Marathon: VM70John SLACK2h06.22St Albans09/06/2019
20 Miles: Senior men / outright bestJack PARSLOW1h49.07Finchley13/03/2016
20 Miles: VM40Chris KITCHENER2h29.52Milton Keynes08/03/2015
20 Miles: VM50Chris KITCHENER2h35.55Milton Keynes17/03/2019
20 Miles: VM60Phil PUGH2h54.33Hillingdon10/03/2019
Marathon: MenJack PARSLOW2h30.54Valencia18/11/2017
Marathon: VM40John JALES2h46.39London20/04/1986
Marathon: VM50John JALES2h52.00London21/04/1991
Marathon: VM60John JALES3h40.24London18/04/1999
Marathon: VM70John JALES4h50.37London26/04/2009
*non UKA-licence event
5km on road: Women Outright BestKate RENNIE17.46Hatfield*28/08/2019
5km on road: U15Amy CASSIDY19.43Abbots Langley01/10/2017
5km on road: U17 WomenIndira PATEL19.39Waddesdon18/07/2018
5km on road: U20 WomenBrittany SALT25.07Waddesdon15/07/2015
5km on road: V35 WomenAnia GABB18.58Olympic Park, London08/07/2019
5km on road: VF40Kate RENNIE17.46Hatfield*28/08/2019
5km on road: V50Celia FINDLAY21.56Hatfield*19/09/2018
5km on road: V60Mandy JACKSON29.14Waddesdon18/07/2018
5 Miles: Senior Women / outright bestSarah GROVER30.18Hatfield25/11/2018
5 Miles: U13 GirlsAmy PERRY38.04Hatfield30/11/2014
5 Miles: U17 WomenGrace BIRDSEYE34.29Berkhamsted06/03/2016
5 Miles: U20 WomenBrittany SALT43.52Hatfield30/11/2014
5 Miles: V35 WomenAnia GABB30.29Hatfield24/11/2019
5 Miles: V40 WomenCatherine DAVIES33.42Berkhamsted04/03/2012
5 Miles: V50 WomenCelia FINDLAY35.27Hatfield25/11/2018
5 Miles: V60 WomenMandy JACKSON 46.52Hatfield25/11/2018
10km: Senior women / outright bestHannah WALKER35.48 Hyde Park1/01/2010
10km: U20 WomenHannah WALKER35.48Hyde Park1/01/2010
10km: U17 WomenHannah WALKER35.48Hyde Park1/01/2010
10km: VF35Claire HALLISSEY38.15Letchworth13/10/2019
10km: VF40Kate RENNIE36.55Chichester03/02/2019
10km: VF50Celia FINDLAY45.42St Albans12/08/2018
10km: VF60Mandy JACKSON54.04London27/05/2019
10 Miles: Senior women / outright bestKate RENNIE1h02.44St Albans20/01/2019
10 Miles: U20 WomenEmma GIBBINS1h29.47Hemel Hempstead12/03/2000
10 Miles: VF35Donna CORRIGAN1h08.00Hemel Hempstead13/03/2004
10 Miles: VF40Kate RENNIE1h02.144St Albans20/01/2019
10 Miles: VF50Celia FINDLAY1h13:56St Albans20/01/2019
10 Miles: VF60Mandy JACKSON1h45.05St Albans20/01/2019
1/2 Marathon: Senior women / outright bestKate RENNIE (VF40)1h21.21Stevenage*22/10/2017
1/2 Marathon: VF35Claire HALLISSEY1h25.23Milton Keynes08/12/2019
1/2 Marathon: VF40Kate RENNIE1h21.21Stevenage*22/10/2017
1/2 Marathon: VF50Celia FINDLAY1h38.57Wokingham24/03/2019
1/2 Marathon: V60Mandy JACKSON2h02.59Welwyn17/03/2019
20 Miles: Senior women / outright bestAnia GABB2h17.17Milton Keynes17/03/2019
20 Miles: VF40Kate RENNIE2h18.23Hillingdon10/03/2019
20 Miles: VF50Celia FINDLAY2h38.14Bramley17/02/2019
20 Miles: VF60Mandy JACKSON4h04.41Milton Keynes11/03/2018
Marathon: Senior women / outright bestKate RENNIE2h57.28London28/04/2019
Marathon: VF35Ania GABB3h04.19Chicago13/10/2019
Marathon: VF40Kate RENNIE2h57.28London28/04/2019
Marathon: VF50Celia FINDLAY3h36.49San Sebastian26/11/2017
Marathon: VF60Mandy JACKSON5h50.56London23/04/2018
*non UKA-licence event
EventU20 womenU17 womenU15 girls U13 girls
60m indoorsEsme O’CONNELL (T20) 8.68i Lee Valley 18/03/2018
100mEsme O’CONNELL (F20)
13.63 Kingston 6/4/2019
Esme O’CONNELL (T20) 13.13 Bedford 27/05/2017Esme O’CONNELL (T20) 12.7 Copthall 7/08/2016Esme O’CONNELL (T20) 14.1 Ipswich 7/09/2014
200mEsme O’CONNELL (T20) 28.69 Coventry 1/07/2017Esme O’CONNELL (T20) 28.7 Jarman Fields 12/07/2015Esme O’CONNELL (T20) 29.2 Jarman Fields 15/06/2014
Long jumpEsme O’CONNELL (F20)
4.55 Stoke Mandeville 08/09/2019
Esme O’CONNELL (F20) 4.68m Stevenage 7/05/2018Esme O’CONNELL (F20) 4.51m Watford 15/05/2016Esme O’CONNELL (F20) 3.88m Luton 11/05/2014
Shot putt (3kg)Esme O’CONNELL (F20) 6.90m Jarman Fields 17/09/2017Esme O’CONNELL (F20) 5.07m Jarman Fields 11/09/2016Esme O’CONNELL (F20) 2.72kg 4,18m Grays 13/04/2014
Shot putt (4kg)Esme O’CONNELL (F20) 4.54m Loughborough (31/08/2018)
Javelin throwEsme O’CONNELL (F20)
17.14 Jarman Fields 22/09/2019
Esme O’CONNELL (F20) 600g 17.94m Jarman Fields 18/08/2018
EventSenior menU20 menU17 menU15 boysU13 boys 
100m wheelchairPierce REYNOLDS (T54) 20.96 Coventry 01/09/2018
200m wheelchairPierce REYNOLDS (T54) 37.49 Chelmsford 10/06/2018
400m wheelchairPierce REYNOLDS (T54) 1.11.64 Stoke Mandeville 08/09/2018
800m wheelchairPierce REYNOLDS (T54) 2.32.96 Stoke Mandeville 08/09/2018
1500m wheelchairPierce REYNOLDS (T54) 5.08.81 Coventry 01/09/2018
Long jumpPierce REYNOLDS (F54) 2.34m Jarman Fields 17/9/2017
Shot puttPierce REYNOLDS (F57) 3.25kg 4.87m Jarman Fields 4/06/2017
Discus throw 1kgPierce REYNOLDS (F57) 17.01m Stevenage 7/05/2018Pierce REYNOLDS (F57) 14.05m Jarman Fields 17/09/2017
Discus throw 1.25kgPierce REYNOLDS (F57) 15.20m Watford 12/05/2018
Javelin throw
Pierce REYNOLDS (F64) 12.37m Jarman Fields 09/09/2018Pierce REYNOLDS (F57) 400g 14.42m Jarman Fields 17/9/2017
800m T20Alex MCNALLY 3:21.2 Eton 02/06/2019
1,500m T20Alex MCNALLY 6:58.9 Eton 02/06/2019
1 mile T20Alex MCNALLY 7:14 London 26/05/2019
10km T20Alex MCNALLY 56:16 London 27/05/2019
Half marathon T20Alex MCNALLY 2:19.06 Wimbledon 04/08/2019
Overall MenMatthew SALT15.45St Albans29/06/2013
Overall WomenAlex EYKELBOSCH17.25St Albans12/12/2015
JM10Tim FRYER20:50Aylesbury17/12/2016
JW10Olivia EDWARDS21.52St Albans31/10/2015
JM11-14Joshua VAN HEININGEN17:27St Albans26/07/2014
JW11-14Indira PATEL18.15West Coast Singapore10/12/2016
JM15-17Joshua VAN HEININGEN16.52Ellenbrook Fields28/05/16
JW15-17Indira PATEL18.02West Coast Singapore01/04/2017
JM18-19Rhys ROWLANDS16.58St Albans21/10/2017
JW18-19Alex EYKELBOSCH18.44St Albans16/08/2014
SM20-24Matthew SALT15:45St Albans29/06/2013
SW20-24Alex EYKELBOSCH17.25St Albans12/12/2015
SM25-29Jack PARSLOW15.46St Albans25/04/2015
SW25-29Elizabeth ROBERTS20.48 St Albans25/10/2014
SM30-34Jamie MARLOW16.34Cassiobury21/06/2015
SW30-34Samantha FAWCETT18.41Cassiobury27/08/2016
SM35-39Jamie MARLOW16.36Cassiobury19/12/2015
SW35-39Claire HALLISSEY20.55Rutland Water25/08/2018
VM40-44Jonathan HOGGETT16.52Great Denham22/09/2018
VW40-44Kate RENNIE17.58Cassiobury03/06/2017
VM45-49Stephen SHAW18.42St Albans14/04/2012
VW45-49Kate RENNIE18.19Cassiobury24/11/2018
VM50-54Stephen SHAW18.39Cassiobury28/11/2015
VW50-54Catherine DAVIES19:53St Albans26/09/2013
VM55-59Tony REEVE21.59Kings Lynn29/04/2017
VW55-59Celia FINDLAY21.52Cassiobury22/12/2018
VM60-64Philip PUGH22.01Higginson Marlow29/09/2018
VW60-64Mandy JACKSON27.54Rickmansworth23/02/2019
VM65-69John COOPER22.11St Albans25/05/2013
VM70-75John SLACK25.43Stretford17/11/2018

Club Kit

Dacorum & Tring AC offers a range of club kit at affordable prices to any interested members.  Club vests must be worn for all competition on the track as well as for cross-country.  Members are strongly encouraged to wear club kit at all other events, including road races. All kit is available in a variety of sizes, from children’s 10-11 to adult XXL. The club vests are available in men’s and women’s sizes.

Dacorum & Tring AC members have the option of buying T-shirts, training vests, hoodies and zipped hoodies from the online click and collect service offered to us by our suppliers, Berkhamsted Sports

A limited selection of hoodies and T-shirts is available for purchase from the clubhouse, including our green and purple club vests, which must be worn in all official competitions.  Official competition vests are £12.

Kit available from Berkhamsted Sports

Click here for direct link to Dacorum & Tring AC / Road Runners Online Kit Shop

Berkhamsted Sports offer a secure online payment system and will post items at a small extra cost if you can’t collect.   The shop is located at: High Street, Berkhamsted, HP4 1AQ. Tel: 01442 862626   Email: Berko Sports

Codes of Conduct

As a responsible athlete you will:

  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every athlete, coach, technical official and others involved in athletics and treat everyone equally.
  • Uphold the same values of sportsmanship off the field as you do when engaged in athletics
  • Cooperate fully with others involved in the sport such as coaches, technical officials, team managers, doctors, physiotherapists, sport scientists and representatives of the governing body in the best interests of the yourself and other athletes
  • Consistently promote positive aspects of the sport such as fair play and never condone rule violations or the use of prohibited or age-inappropriate substances
  • Anticipate and be responsible for your own needs including being organised, having the appropriate equipment and being on time
  • Inform your coach of any other coaching that you are seeking or receiving
  • Always thank the coaches and officials who enable you to participate in athletics

As a responsible Athlete, when participating in or attending any athletics activities, including training/coaching sessions and competition events you will:

  • Act with dignity and display courtesy and good manners towards others
  • Avoid swearing and abusive language and irresponsible behaviour including behaviour that is dangerous to yourself or others, acts of violence, bullying, harassment and physical and sexual abuse
  • Challenge inappropriate behaviour and language by others
  • Never engage in any inappropriate or illegal behaviour
  • Avoid destructive behaviour and leave athletics venues as you find them
  • Not carry or consume alcohol to excess and/or illegal substances.
  • Avoid carrying any items that could be dangerous to yourself or others excluding athletics equipment used in the course of your athletics activity

In addition, athletes, especially young athletes and vulnerable adults, should follow these guidelines on safe participation in athletics

  • Notify a responsible adult if you have to go somewhere (why, where and when you will return)
  • Do not respond if someone seeks private information unrelated to athletics such as personal information, home life information
  • Strictly maintain boundaries between friendship and intimacy with a coach or technical official
  • Never accept lifts in cars or invitations into homes on your own without the prior knowledge and consent of your parent/carer
  • Use safe transport or travel arrangements
  • Report any accidental injury, distress, misunderstanding or misinterpretation to your parents/carers and club Welfare officer as soon as possible.
  • Report any suspected misconduct by coaches or other people involved in athletics to the club welfare officer as soon as possible

lvinar dapibus leo.

As a responsible athletics Coach you will:

  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every athlete and others involved in athletics and treat everyone equally.
  • Place the welfare and safety of the athlete above the development of performance
  • Be appropriately qualified including obtaining DBS clearance, update your licence and education as and when required by UKA and adhere to the terms of the coaching licence
  • To attend wherever possible coaches meetings and report on progress and participate in any development plans for the club.
  • Ensure that activities you direct or guide are appropriate for the age, maturity, experience and ability of the individual athlete
  • At the outset clarify with athletes (and where appropriate, with parents or carers) exactly what it is that is expected of them and what athletes are entitled to expect from you
  • Never try to recruit, either overtly or covertly, athletes who are already receiving coaching. If approached by an athlete receiving coaching refer immediately to the coach currently providing coaching support.
  • Try to observe a recommended maximum ratio of 1 coach to 12 athletes at a training session or work in partnership with another coach/coaching assistant.
  • Cooperate fully with others involved in the sport such as technical officials, team managers, other coaches, doctors, physiotherapists, sport scientists and representatives of the governing body in the best interests of the athlete
  • To assist in the selection of teams if requested by team managers.
  • To inform coaching co-ordinator of any sessions that require cover, if unable to attend.
  • Consistently promote positive aspects of the sport such as fair play and never condone rule violations or the use of prohibited or age-inappropriate substances
  • Encourage and guide athletes to accept responsibility for their own performance and behaviour
  • Develop appropriate working relationships with athletes based on mutual trust and respect, especially with those athletes under 18 years or vulnerable adults
  • Do not exert undue influence to obtain personal benefit or reward
  • A coach MUST strictly maintain a clear boundary between friendship and intimacy with athletes and do not conduct inappropriate relationships with athletes. Relationship with athletes can cause significant problems for other team members, raising concerns of favouritism and/or victimisation should the relationship later end.
  • In particular, you MUST NOT allow an intimate personal relationship to develop between yourself and any athlete aged under 18 years. Any violation of this could result in a coach licence being withdrawn. It may also be a criminal offence to conduct a relationship with an athlete aged under 16 years. It may also be a violation of your coaching licence to form an intimate personal relationship with a vulnerable adult coached by you.
  • It is strongly recommended that you do not allow intimate relationships to develop between yourself and athletes coached by you aged over 18 years.

As a responsible coach, when participating in or attending any athletics activities, including training/coaching sessions and competition events you will:

  • Act with dignity and display courtesy and good manners towards others

As a responsible parent/person with parental responsibility or other supporter you will

  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every athlete, coach, technical official and others involved in athletics and treat everyone equally
  • Cooperate fully with others involved in the sport such as coaches, technical officials, team managers, doctors, physiotherapists, sport scientists and representatives of the governing body in the best interests of the athlete
  • Consistently promote positive aspects of the sport such as fair play and never condone rule violations or the use of prohibited or age-inappropriate substances .
  • Never place undue pressure on children to perform, participate or compete.
  • Check out the qualifications and licences of people who are coaching or managing your child or offering a service connected to athletics such as physiotherapy, massage or nutritional advice.
  • Take an active interest in your child’s participation by attend training or competitions whenever possible.
  • Know exactly where your child will be and who they will be with at all times
  • Never make assumptions about your child’s safety
  • Ensure that your child does not take any unnecessary valuable items to training or competition
  • Inform your child’s coach or team manager of any illness or disability that needs to be taken into consideration for athletic performance
  • Provide any necessary medication that your child needs for the duration of trips
  • Assume responsibility for safe transportation to and from training and competition
  • Give permission for your junior athlete to travel to any training/ club match/event organised by the club as has been notified by the club through Fixture Lists / News Letters/ Club Website/e-mail or other. Any health/medical requirements should be notified to the Team Manager before travel..
  • Report any concerns you have about your child’s or any other child’s welfare to the Club Welfare Officers, Regional, National or UKA Welfare Officers. (This does not affect your right to contact your local social services or the police if you feel it is necessary)

As a responsible parent/person with parental responsibility or other supporters for a young athlete, when participating in or attending any athletics activities, including training/coaching sessions and competition events you will:

  • Act with dignity and display courtesy and good manners towards others
  • Avoid swearing and abusive language and irresponsible behaviour including behaviour that is dangerous to yourself or others, acts of violence, bullying, harassment and physical and sexual abuse
  • Challenge inappropriate behaviour and language by others
  • Be aware that your attitude and behaviour directly affects the behaviour of your child and other young athletes
  • Avoid destructive behaviour and leave athletics venues as you find them
  • Never engage in any inappropriate or illegal behaviour
  • Not carry or consume alcohol to excess and/or illegal substances.
  • Not carry any items that can be dangerous to yourself or to others excluding athletics equipment used in the course of your child’s athletics activity

Dacorum and Tring Athletic Club is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of all its members. The club believes that it is important that members, coaches, administrators and parents associated with the club should, at all times, show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare of others.


Sports clubs should offer a positive experience for children and young people and where they can learn new things in a safe and positive environment. As a member of Insert name of name of club / organisation, you are expected to abide by the following junior code of practice: Children and young people are expected to:


  • Be loyal and give their friends a second chance.
  • Be friendly and particularly welcoming to new members.
  • Be supportive and committed to other team members, offer comfort when required.
  • Keep yourself safe.
  • Report inappropriate behaviour or risky situations for youth members
  • Play fairly and be trustworthy.
  • Respect officials and accept decisions.
  • Show appropriate loyalty and be gracious in defeat.
  • Respect other competitors.
  • Not cheat or be violent and aggressive.
  • Make your club a fun place to be.
  • Observe safety rules of an athletics track/coaching area.
  • Behave and listen to all instructions from the coach
  • Show respect to other youth members/leaders and show team spirit.
  • Take care of equipment owned by the club.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of age, gender, ability, race, cultural background or religious beliefs or sexual identity.
  • Refrain from the use of bad language or racial/sectarian references. This includes bullying using new technologies like chat-rooms or texting.
  • Not get involved in inappropriate peer pressure and push others into something they do not want to do.
  • Keep to agreed timings for training and competitions or inform their coach or team manager if they are going to be late.
  • Wear suitable clothing for training and match sessions, as agreed with the coach/team manager.
  • Pay any fees for training or events promptly.
  • Not smoke on club premises or whilst representing the club at competitions.
  • Not consume alcohol or drugs of any kind on the club premises or whilst representing the club.






Children / Young People have the right to:


  • Be safe and happy in their chosen activity.
  • Be listened to.
  • Be respected and treated fairly.
  • Privacy.
  • Enjoy your sport in a protective environment.
  • Be referred to professional help if needed.
  • Be protected from abuse by other member or outside sources.
  • Participate on an equal basis, appropriate to their ability.
  • Experience competition and the desire to win.
  • Be believed.
  • Ask for help.
  • Have any concerns taken seriously and acted on.


 Any minor misdemeanours and general misbehaviour will be addressed by the coach and reported verbally to the designated person.


More serious or persistent misbehaviour may result in disciplinary action and potentially dismissal from the club/sport.


Parents will be informed at all stages. Disciplinary action can be appealed to the coach with final decisions taken by the club committee or referred to the governing body.

  1. Code of Conduct for Technical Officials


As a responsible technical official you will:

  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every athlete and others involved in athletics and treat everyone equally.
  • Place the welfare and safety of the athlete above the development of performance
  • Be appropriately qualified including obtaining CRB clearance, update your licence and education as and when required by UKA and adhere to the terms of the technical officials licence
  • Keep up to date with any changes in the relevant competition rules and seek the advice of others if necessary
  • Ensure that activities you direct or guide are appropriate for the age, maturity, experience and ability of the individual athlete
  • At the outset clarify with athletes (and where appropriate, with parents or carers) exactly what it is that is expected of them and what athletes are entitled to expect from you
  • Cooperate fully with others involved in the sport such as other technical officials, competition providers/organisers, team managers, coaches, and representatives of the governing body in the provision of fair and equitable conditions for the conduct of athletics events under the relevant rules of competition.
  • Act in a decisive, objective but friendly manner in your interaction with other officials, athletes, coaches and spectators and carry out your duties in an efficient and non-abrasive manner.
  • Consistently promote positive aspects of the sport such as fair play and never condone rule violations or the use of prohibited or age-inappropriate substances
  • Never smoke whilst officiating or consume alcoholic beverages to a degree that it affects your ability or competence to undertake your officiating duties.
  • Be fully prepared for the officiating task that is assigned to you
  • Dress appropriately, to the standard and nature of the competition as outlined by the relevant officials committee
  • Arrive in good time for the competition and report to the official in charge
  • Conduct the event in accordance with the rules and with due respect to the welfare of the athlete
  • Work in a spirit of cooperation with other officials and do not interfere with their responsibilities
  • Offer guidance and support to less experienced officials whenever appropriate
  • Encourage and guide athletes to accept responsibility for their own performance and behaviour
  • Develop appropriate working relationships with athletes based on mutual trust and respect, especially with those athletes under 18 years or with vulnerable adults
  • Do not exert undue influence to obtain personal benefit or reward


  • A Technical Official MUST strictly maintain a clear boundary between friendship and intimacy with athletes and do not conduct inappropriate relationships with athletes. Relationship with athletes can cause significant problems for other athletes, coaches and team members, raising concerns of favouritism and/or victimisation should the relationship later end.
  • In particular, you MUST NOT allow an intimate personal relationship to develop between yourself and any athlete aged under 18 years. Any violation of this could result in a technical official’s licence being withdrawn. It may also be a criminal offence to conduct a relationship with an athlete aged under 16 years. It may also be a violation of your technical officials licence to form an intimate personal relationship with a vulnerable adult judged/officiated by you
  • It is also strongly recommended that you do not allow intimate relationships to develop between yourself and athletes judged by you aged over 18 years.


As a responsible Technical Official, when participating in or attending any athletics activities, including training/coaching sessions and competition events you will:

  • Act with dignity and display courtesy and good manners towards others
  • Avoid swearing and abusive language and irresponsible behaviour including behaviour that is dangerous to yourself or others, acts of violence, bullying, harassment and physical and sexual abuse
  • Challenge inappropriate behaviour and language by others
  • Never engage in any inappropriate or illegal behaviour
  • Avoid destructive behaviour and leave athletics venues as you find them
  • Not carry or consume alcohol to excess and/or illegal substances.
  • Avoid carrying any items that could be dangerous to yourself or others excluding athletics equipment used in the course of your athletics activity


In addition, technical officials should follow these guidelines on best practice, in particular with young athletes or vulnerable adults

  • Avoid critical language or actions, such as sarcasm which could undermine an athlete’s self esteem.
  • Avoid spending time alone with young athletes unless clearly in the view of others
  • Avoid taking young athletes alone in your car
  • Never invite a young athlete alone into your home
  • Never share a bedroom with a child
  • Always explain why and ask for consent before touching an athlete
  • Ensure that parents/carers know and have given consent before taking a young athlete away from the usual training venue
  • Work in same-sex pairs if supervising changing areas
  • Respect the right of young athletes to an independent life outside of athletics
  • Report any accidental injury, distress, misunderstanding or misinterpretation to the parents/carers and Club/Regional/National or UKA Welfare officer as soon as possible.
  • Report any suspected misconduct by other technical officials, coaches or other people involved in athletics to the Club, Regional, National or UKA welfare officer as soon as possible


You will:

  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every athlete, coach, technical official and others involved in athletics and treat everyone equally
  • Cooperate fully with others involved in the sport such as coaches, technical officials, team managers, doctors, physiotherapists, sport scientists and representatives of the governing body in the best interests of the athlete
  • Consistently promote positive aspects of the sport such as fair play and never condone rule violations or the use of prohibited or age-inappropriate substances
  • Hold a relevant and up to date qualification
  • Work within the ethical and professional guidelines of your governing/regulating/qualifying body
  • Act within the best interests of your patient, including referral to other professionals if necessary and do not offer or provide any treatment for which you are not appropriately qualified or trained.
  • Ensure you have parental consent before advising/assisting/treating athletes aged under 18 years
  • Act with dignity and display courtesy and good manners towards others
  • Avoid swearing and abusive language and irresponsible behaviour including behaviour that is dangerous to yourself or others, acts of violence, bullying, harassment and physical and sexual abuse
  • Challenge inappropriate behaviour and language by others
  • Not carry or consume alcohol to excess and/or illegal substances.
  • Never engage in any inappropriate or illegal behaviour
  • Not carry or consume alcohol to excess and/or illegal substances.

As a responsible Team Manager you will:

  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every athlete, coach, technical official and others involved in athletics and treat everyone equally
  • Cooperate fully with others involved in the sport such as coaches, technical officials, team managers, doctors, physiotherapists, sport scientists and representatives of the governing body in the best interests of the athlete
  • Consistently promote positive aspects of the sport such as fair play and never condone rule violations or the use of prohibited or age-inappropriate substances
  • Act with dignity and display courtesy and good manners towards others
  • Avoid swearing and abusive language and irresponsible behaviour including behaviour that is dangerous to yourself or others, acts of violence, bullying, harassment and physical and sexual abuse
  • Challenge inappropriate behaviour and language by others
  • Avoid destructive behaviour and leave athletics venues as you find them
  • Never engage in any inappropriate or illegal behaviour
  • Not carry or consume alcohol to excess and/or illegal substances.
  • Not carry any items that can be dangerous to yourself or to others excluding athletics equipment used in the course of the athletics activity


In addition, Team Managers should follow these guidelines on best practice, in particular with young athletes and vulnerable adults

  • Take reasonable care in all circumstances of any athlete under 18 years who is at an event without a parent or person with parental responsibility
  • Provide the appropriate ratio of staff for the age and ability for athletes travelling away from home. The recommended ratio is one adult to ten children
  • Provide staff of the same sex to undertake chaperoning duties
  • Check that all volunteers have been through the appropriate recruitment and selection checks and have attended the appropriate training e.g. DBS and self declaration, safeguarding awareness training
  • Notify all parents/people with parental responsibility/carers of athletes under 18 years of the times and venues of any competitions and the appropriate contact telephone numbers
  • Ensure that written consent has been obtained form all persons with parental responsibility for athletes under 18 years prior to the competition
  • Liaise with the parents/person with parental responsibility of an athlete under 18 years if the athlete becomes involved in an accident or serious breach of health and safety or discipline whilst under your care
  • Comply with welfare policies and procedures and any local authority or school procedures or any other policies and procedures that might apply to a particular venue, group of athletes, or competition.
  • Report any suspected misconduct by coaches, technical officials or other people involved in athletics to the Club, Regional, National or UKA welfare officer as soon as possible


Dacorum and Tring AC places a strong emphasis on competition for all. 

We compete in several team competitions and ask all athletes (and parents and carers) to make a concerted effort to be available for their relevant club matches.  Competing to the best of your ability is doing a great service to the club. Failing to attend without good reason is putting extra pressure on your team-mates, manager, captain and coaches.  Even non-scoring athletes have a role to play, not just in the building of competitive skills, but also as a back-up team in case of injury, illness, etc.

In summary we expect the following of athletes:

  • Work with your coach to get yourself in the best shape for a competition (they will advise on and adjust training accordingly and help you balance other demands such as school competitions and exams).
  • Know when your competitions are. Use the club fixture list and put relevant competition dates in a diary/calendar/on phone etc.
  • Make yourself available for as many club matches as possible.
  • When at club matches, be willing to do another event: in many competitions just completing an event (crossing the line, making a legal jump or throw) earns valuable points for the club and could make all the difference at promotion/demotion time.
  • Speak to your coach about entering yourself for other competitions e.g. County Champs, Regional Champs, Open meetings, Parkruns.
  • Wear your club vest at competitions and be a good ambassador for the club.
  • If you feel concerned or daunted in any way about competing, discuss this with your coach: they will be very happy to help you with anything from nerves to understanding the rules and procedures. This is particularly important if you are going to compete in a higher level competition where there are ‘call-up’ procedures.
  • U13s should aim to represent Dacorum and Tring in AT LEAST two competitions per year. One of these should be a ‘representative’ experience i.e. a club league match. All U13s are encouraged to take part in Club Champs.


Dacorum and Tring Athletics Club is committed to ensure that athletes of all abilities are able to participate equitably within athletics. We will seek to develop a focus on inclusion, not exclusion, and ensure that we provide appropriate advice to members to ensure that disabled athletes can participate as fully as possible within athletics. We will seek to ensure that we comply with the Equality Act 2010 and encourage our members to do so.

1.         Key aims

The key aims of the Inclusion Policy are:

  • To guide and support the integration of inclusive practice into core club/group programmes and activities.
  • To contribute towards growing and sustaining numbers of disabled athletes participating within athletics within affiliated clubs and Athletics Networks, Run England groups and AthleFIT sessions.
  • To promote the inclusion of disabled athletes in athletics events wherever possible and in accordance with the provisions of the Equality Act.
  • To develop inclusive practice within competition.
  • To provide support and guidance to athletes, leaders/coaches, officials, competition organisers and other club volunteers to promote the development of inclusive practice and to enhance participation.
  • To promote the accessibility of the athletics club/group, premises and activity locations for disabled people including athletes, officials, coaches and spectators.
  • To promote the development of knowledge and understanding of disability, equity and inclusion amongst athletes, leaders/coaches, officials, club volunteers and competition organisers by the provision of appropriate training and development.
  • To promote close working partnerships with disability groups and organisations to support the development of inclusive practice within athletics locally.

2. The Equality Act 2010

2.1       Definition of a disabled person

The Equality Act (“the Act”) defines a disabled person as someone who has a physical or mental impairment that has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on his or her ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. For these purposes:

  • Substantial means neither minor nor trivial;
  • Long term means that the effect of the impairment has lasted or is likely to last for at least 12 months (there are special rules covering recurring or fluctuating conditions); and
  • Normal day-to-day activities include everyday things like eating, washing, walking and going shopping.

People who have had an impairment in the past that meets this definition are also covered by the scope of the Act. There are additional provisions relating to people with progressive conditions.

2.2       The key provisions of the Act

Under the Act it is unlawful:

  • To discriminate against a disabled person because of their disability; and
  • For any organisation or service provider to treat disabled people unfavourably because of something arising in consequence of their disability, unless such treatment can be justified (i.e. unless the treatment is a “proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim”).

Organisations and service providers must also make reasonable adjustments for disabled people in relation to both their service provision and any physical features of their premises to overcome physical barriers to access.

In relation to reasonable adjustments, the law requires that organisations and service providers make reasonable adjustments in anticipation that they will have disabled members/participants. Thus, an athletics club/group or race organiser cannot wait until a disabled athlete makes a request to join the club or enter a race before taking action. They should instead identify what reasonable adjustments should be made to enable disabled people to participate and should then set out a reasonable timescale for the implementation of those adjustments.

Furthermore, to comply with the Act, organisations, athletics clubs and race organisers must consider what reasonable adjustments may be necessary to ensure that their club/group or race is accessible for disabled people who may wish to participate as coaches, officials, volunteers and spectators as well as athletes.

3. Inclusive Practice

The Inclusion Policy is not just about access to facilities but is intended to promote a change in attitudes and to improve opportunities for disabled people to participate in athletics. There are a number of measures that we will take to ensure that we are working under the guidance of the Policy and within the requirements of the Equality Act (2010).

3.1       We will provide a welcoming environment

Establishing a positive and welcoming approach is one of the most effective ways of encouraging disabled people to participate.

  • We will think positively about how we can include disabled people rather than focusing on potential barriers to participation.
  • We will consider how athletics in general and the club/group/event are promoted. For example, by positively welcoming and encouraging participants from local disability organisations, by providing information in formats which are accessible to disabled people and by using appropriate imagery.
  • Disabled people will be encouraged to contact us to discuss their needs and requirements to facilitate inclusion and we will ensure we consider what reasonable adjustments could be made to enable them to participate.
  • We will develop the knowledge and understanding of key staff, club/group or event officials, coaches, leaders and other volunteers, of disability, equity and inclusive practice by providing appropriate guidance and training.

3.2       We will talk to disabled people

  • We will, so far as is reasonably possible, consult with relevant groups and with prospective disabled individuals about their needs and requirements.
  • We will not make assumptions and will try to speak to disabled people about the reasonable adjustments they believe might be made to enable them to participate and to discuss how these could be made.
  • If a risk assessment indicates that an event/activity might be unsafe for individuals with particular impairments we will where possible try and discuss with any disabled athletes wanting to participate.

3.3  We will provide access to facilities

  • We will undertake a review of the accessibility of facilities including car parking, toilets, changing facilities, access to buildings and other facilities and discuss with facility providers e.g. schools or Local Authorities about the provisions that they have in place to meet the requirements of the Equality Act (2010).

3.4       We will make reasonable adjustments

  • We will demonstrate that every effort has been made to enable disabled people to participate and that inclusion not exclusion has been the priority.
  • If reasonable adjustments are required to make an event/activity accessible then we will make those reasonable adjustments. (By way of a general guide, an adjustment is thought unlikely to be reasonable if it is so drastic that it will change the nature of the whole event).
  • Adjustments which require additional expense will still be deemed reasonable where the additional expense is relative to our resources. In these circumstances we will bear the additional expense.
  • If we consider it is necessary to exclude a disabled person from participating in an event/activity we will ensure that we can justify this decision and any justification will be on the basis of fact, not assumptions, and will be supported by evidence such as a valid risk assessment or previous incidents/experience and discussions with the individual(s).
  • If a risk assessment for the event/activity indicates that it is unsafe for a disabled person or persons then the person who has compiled the risk assessment will show that they have sufficient knowledge or experience in the area of disability or has consulted with an appropriate disability organisation or has been advised by someone with the necessary knowledge.
  • Where a risk assessment indicates that having taken into account any reasonable adjustments which could be made, that the event/activity is unsafe for disabled people or if it indicates that the participation of disabled people will make the event/activity unsafe for other participants in the first instance we will generally advise rather than issue an outright directive prohibiting disabled people from taking part and only where absolutely necessary issue a directive.

A positive and sensible approach to risk management can and should in most circumstances encourage the inclusion of disabled people in most of our activities.

The Dacorum & Tring Athletic Club accepts the following England Athletic policies:

Safeguarding Children Welfare Policy, Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy, Ant Bullying Policy, Photographic Policy.

Dacorum & Tring A.C. is committed to protecting the welfare of children (young people under the age of 18 yrs) as well as vulnerable adults, ensuring the highest standard of care for all.

All members of the club are responsible for ensuring that the following policy and procedure is followed to provide a safe, secure and protective environment, free from abuse, maltreatment and misconduct by;- adults against children, adults against adults, and children against adults.

  • The safety and welfare of the child/vulnerable adult is paramount.
  • All children and vulnerable adults involved in the club have the right to equitable treatment regardless of age, sex, race, religion, ability, sexual orientation or social background.
  • All coaches, officials and volunteers working closely with children should apply for a DBS check.
  • Young athletes and vulnerable adults have the right to expect appropriate management and support, in regard to the athlete’s personal and social development in their athletic career.
  • Coaches, officials and volunteers should undertake training in safety and welfare courses to ensure continuous improvement in standards of child welfare.They should also promote good practice of behaviour and avoid abuse of power, favouritism, overtraining or exerting undue pressure by unrealistic expectations. 
  • Coaches, Officials, Team Managers or Volunteers should never be alone with a junior either at training sessions, matches or travelling to and from venues except in extreme emergency.
  • Coaches, officials and Team Managers should encourage athletes to maintain a healthy lifestyle and ensure that they are equipped with the correct clothing, food and nutrition according to the weather and the type of event being undertaken.
  • Coaches and Team managers should be aware of any medical conditions affecting their athletes and have access to emergency contacts for the athlete.
  • Coaches, Officials and Volunteers should take precautions to avoid false allegations against themselves from malicious parties.
  • Responsible adults should be aware of signs of any kind of abuse or misconduct amongst their athletes and should report their concern firstly to the Welfare Officers and if necessary further report to the Local Social Services and or the police UK Athletics Head Office. Confidentiality should be upheld in line with the Date Protection Act.
  • Appropriate grievance and Disciplinary Procedures will be invoked when a complaint or disclosure is made against any club member. The human rights of coaches, officials, athletes or volunteers who face allegations of misconduct will be upheld during a disciplinary and appeals procedure.

The good name of the club and integrity of the sport of athletics should be upheld at all time.

  • All member athletes are eligible for selection to Dacorum and Tring league matches according to their abilities and availability.
  • Athlete of the match awards are given at Eastern Young Athlete and U13 Inter Club Challenge matches for both boys and girls highest scorers.
  • Athletes are encouraged to compete in County Championships.
  • Members may be selected to compete for their county at Inter-county matches.
  • Inter-county athletes may be selected for National and International matches,
  • Dacorum and Tring Athletic Club hold annual competitions for all ages in both the Pentathlon and Club Championship (all events).
  • Financial rewards are made for all junior member athletes who achieve 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes at English Schools or other international competitions ie FISEC and also for Junior and senior medallists at National level.


(GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATIONS, MAY 2018) Privacy Notice This notice explains how Dacorum & Tring A.C. uses your personal data, describes the categories of personal data we hold and process and for what purposes. This notice also applies when you visit and or use the Dacorum & Tring A.C. website. We are committed to collecting and using personal data fairly and in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We are committed to ensuring that your information is kept safe, secure and is always used responsibly. We have put in place, appropriate measures within Dacorum & Tring A.C. to protect such information.

NOTE : All active Dacorum & Tring A.C. athletes are required to be licensed by the governing body, “ENGLAND ATHLETICS”. A separate and specific process must be followed by you to permit ENGLAND ATHLETICS to independently process the personal data that they hold on you. Go to : www.englandathletics.org/myprofile

2. Who we are Dacorum & Tring A.C. (the” Club”) is an England Athletics affiliated athletics club, with registration number 2657863.

The registered address of the Club is: Dacorum Athletics Track, Jarman Way, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP2 4JS.

3. What kind of personal information we use We use personal information for a number of reasons depending on the membership services that we deliver or offer to you or how we otherwise interact with you. We need to hold and use the following personal data:

Ø full name; Ø gender; Ø address; Ø email address; Ø telephone number(s); Ø date of birth; Ø other contact details; Ø parent or guardian details (if your are under the age of 18); Ø details of other clubs to which you may be registered or affiliated; Ø school or college details and applicable attendance status; Ø the nature of any disabilities (visual, physical or hearing); Ø details of certain important medical information tin order to help us

support and safeguard those members with potential vulnerabilities;

emergency contact details.

Ø ALSO : Where you visit / use our websites, we will collect your Internet

Protocol (IP) address and information about your browsing behaviour.

4. How we collect your personal data We collect personal data:

Ø directly from you, for example when you fill out a Club membership application form either in paper or via our website portal; Ø from profile data and athletic performance / statistical data about you, which our coaches or designated Club officials or England Athletics (or its affiliates) may collect from time to time; Ø from organisations to which you have given your express consent (or there is an alternative legal basis) to share your personal data with us for specific athletic related purposes, such as race organisers, course operators.

5. How we use your personal data Data protection law says that we can only use personal data if we have a proper reason to do so. For example, these reasons include:

Ø fulfilling a membership obligation that the Club has with you; Ø when we have a legal duty; Ø when it is in our legitimate Club interest Ø when you consent to a specific and purposeful use.

When data protection law allows us to process your personal data for our own legitimate interests, it is only allowed provided those interests do not override your own interests and/ or your fundamental rights and freedoms.

Approved :Club Committee : 21 May 2018


An example of us using your personal data when we have a legal duty, is where we must do so in order to comply with statutory duties.

You (or your parents / guardian, if you are under 18), grant us certain GENERAL consents upon the signing, submission and our acceptance of, an application for Club membership. These consents include but, may not be limited to:

Ø participation in activities of the Club ( for Under 18) Ø travelling to club events on Club arranged transport (for Under 18) Ø permitting photographs / images taken by authorised photographers at events, to be used for publicity and promotional purposes.

Ø permitting the member / athlete to be treated in the event of an emergency, by Club First Aider or other medical professional(s) (for Under 18) Ø permitting the storing and use of all Personal Data for the purposes of internal club administration and member record management.

Ø Permitting us to generally communicate with you via default Email preference, for the purposes of Club administration, the management of athlete events and coaching and for Club / Member planning and development.

6. Our purposes for processing your personal data We will only ask you for your personal data where it is necessary to fulfil the following purposes. Where providing us with your personal data is optional, we will inform you of this. Our purposes are grouped under our legal bases for processing.

6.1 Entering into and fulfilling a Member obligation the Club has with you, such as :

Ø To consider and process your membership application or change in your membership status.

Ø To deliver membership services to you, including:

• Receiving and processing membership payments (annually, weekly and ad hoc).

• Making payments on your behalf;

• Providing you with information, advice and guidance on the services that the Club perform on your behalf;

• To address enquiries or complaints that we may receive from you or a representative, parent or guardian appointed by you.

Approved :Club Committee : 21 May 2018


• To prepare and publish race reports or such other newsworthy information, including publication of digital photography or other media material to social media and newspapers.

6.2 Fulfilling our legal obligations

Ø Confirming your identity; Ø Assisting you with managing the services the Club provide to you; Ø Detecting, investigating and reporting a crime, and taking

safeguarding or other measures to prevent this; Ø Maintaining records of Club business, as required by law – for

instance, keeping records of our accounts, complying with

insurance requirements or ensuring conformity with England

Athletics instructions and regulations.

Ø Complying with any laws which may require us to validly provide

information, directly or indirectly to UK authorities Ø Identifying and managing risks to our Club or its membership and Ø Where we have a duty to protect vulnerable club members


6.3 For our legitimate interests

Ø Understanding how Club members use our facilities or services, so we can improve these; Ø Developing new services and facilities, identifying which may be of interest to you – this may involve profiling our athletes or other memberships.

Ø Where we have the relevant permissions, contacting you to make you aware of services that we feel may be of interest to you. Note: we may contact you for a reasonable period after you cease your membership relationship with us; Ø Sharing certain information with England Athletics or other Clubs, County, National or other race organising bodies Ø Improving our systems and processes, which may include using your personal data to test the accuracy of these, but only where it is essential to do so; Ø To recover money owed to the Club by you or on your behalf; Ø To invite you as a Club Member to participate in the periodic strategic planning process of the Club or to request your feedback and opinion via periodic research and surveys, on the services that the Club provides(or plans to provides) or the facilities that the Club maintains or is proposing to utilise, for the benefit of the Members.

Approved :Club Committee : 21 May 2018


6.4. Where we will ALWAYS require your separate, express written and explicit consent.

To hold or process about you, where necessary, ‘special categories of personal data’ – this includes data concerning:

Ø Health; Ø Race or ethnicity; Ø Genetic or biometric data about you.

7. Retaining your personal data

We will retain your personal data for as long as we are obliged, under relevant legislation and regulation, or where no such rules apply, for no longer than it is necessary for our lawful and necessary Club purposes. This will usually be no more than four years from the point at which your membership begins (or has been annually renewed). We may also retain data for longer periods for statistical purposes only, and if so we will anonymise such data.

8. Using data processors and transferring your personal data overseas

We may conceivably use service providers, agents and subcontractors to provide membership services on our behalf. This may require these organisations to access and process your personal data. We have listed our third party partners and categories of suppliers we currently use in Appendices 1 and 2.

It is possible that your personal data may be required to be transferred to affiliated Athletic bodies or organisations that are based in countries outside the European Economic Area. In these circumstances, we will ensure they process your personal data only in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation and under strict organisational and contractual controls, specifically EU model clauses.

9. Your Privacy Rights

Ø You have the right to object to how we process any of your personal data that we hold Ø You also have the right to see what personal data we hold about you.

Ø You can ask us to correct inaccuracies, delete or restrict personal data or

ask for some of your personal data to be provided to someone else.

Approved :Club Committee : 21 May 2018


Requests to exercise your rights to your personal data can be made by Email to :

Membership Secretary:-


Club Secretary:-



The foregoing Club Officers are the ONLY Data Protection Officers duly designated by the Club Main Committee.

Your data protection rights are subject to certain restrictions and conditions. We will assess your request and where we decide not to act upon this, we will notify you of our reasons for this. We will not make a charge for handing your rights request, unless we consider this to be manifestly unfounded or excessive (particularly if this is repetitive). You have the right at all times, to complain to us and to the data protection regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office.

10. Your rights under the GDPR regulations, are:

To be informed: You have the right to be provided with clear, transparent and easily understandable information about how we use your personal data and your rights. We fulfil this right by giving you this notice.

Access to your personal data: You can request access to a copy of your personal data that we process as a data controller, together with details of why we use it, who we share it with, how long we keep it for

Right to withdraw consent: If you have given us your consent, you can withdraw that consent or modify it, at any time. Please contact the Club as set out above, if you want to do so. If you withdraw your consent, we may not be able to provide certain services to you or to communicate with you after a specified date or event. If this is the case, we will tell you.

Right to object: You may object to our processing of your personal data at anytime,

You have the right to object to the Club’s request for your feedback to research or survey initiatives, planning or marketing enquiries relating to existing or proposed Club services.

Rectification: You can ask us to change or complete any inaccurate or incomplete personal data held about you.

Approved :Club Committee : 21 May 2018


Erasure: This is also known as “the right to be forgotten” and this means that you can ask us to delete your personal data where it is no longer necessary for us to use it, you have withdrawn consent (where applicable), or where we have no lawful basis for keeping it or otherwise using it. There are limited exceptions, for example where we need such data to carry out our core obligations to you as a member. The withdrawal or erasure of such data may thus require the Club to withdraw, invalidate or limit, your membership.

Portability: You can ask us to provide you or a third party with some of the personal data that we hold about you in a structured, commonly used, electronic form (such as via a spread sheet), so it can be easily transferred. This is limited to personal data you have provided with your consent and which we process by automated means, such as your membership transaction data.

Your personal data may be held in one or more databases (manual or electronic) and by one or more Club officials or persons who have been expressly authorised by the Club to do so. This may for example include, individual coaches, team managers, team captains. The Club Main Committee has the express duty of care in this respect and will regularly ensure that Personal Data never falls into the possession or use by any person or persons who are unknown to the Club and who are not expressly authorised.

We have listed in Appendix 3, the titles of Club officials who have a need to hold membership personal data pursuant to this PRIVACY POLICY, in order to perform their Club duties.

Restriction: You can ask us to restrict the personal data we hold and use about you where:

Ø it is inaccurate; Ø you have asked for it to be erased; Ø you have objected to the use or holding of it; or

When you have asked us to restrict the use of your personal data we may still centrally store your information but will not use it or distribute it further, without your newly issued consent

11. Marketing We may use your personal data to tell you about relevant services, events or facilities that we think you may find interesting. We can only use your

Approved :Club Committee : 21 May 2018


personal data to send you such marketing messages if you have given your consent or it is for a legitimate interest (when we have a good operational reason to use your information).

You can ask us to stop sending you marketing messages by contacting us at any time (as directed above).

Unless you have specified to the contrary, any marketing communications with you will be by Email.

12. Keeping up to date

We keep our Privacy Notice under regular review.

This notice was last updated in May 2018.

Approved :Club Committee : 21 May 2018


Appendix 1 List of Third Party Partners

We do not currently have any affiliated partners

Appendix 2 Categories of entities with whom we may share personal data for Club or Membership promotional purposes

England Athletics Chiltern League Organisers SAL / EYAL & County Event Organisers Subscription service providers Web Analytics or Hosting service providers

Appendix 3

The following classes of Club Officials are authorised by the Club, to hold and make qualified use of, the Personal Data of members, in strict conformity with this Privacy Policy

Classes of Persons

Title of Club Official:


Club Secretary

Membership Secretary

Social Secretary

Road Runners (Male and Female) Captains

Cross Country Administrator

Coaches (Track, Field and Road)

Track & Field Team Managers

Club Chairman & Club President

Welfare Officers

Club Records & Statistics Officer(s)

Web Manager/ Media

Dacorum and Tring  Athletics Club supports the view and initiates guidance to ensure that everyone who takes part in athletics does so in an enjoyable and safe environment. As a club, we also recognise that in order to provide continuous opportunity for athletes to develop in their chosen field and reach their potential, we need to provide a variety of training structures and systems that are appropriate for that individual and would benefit their performance or enjoyment.

There are occasions when athletes aged 12-18 would benefit from participating in a road running training session. Dacorum and Tring Athletics Club supports this providing the following conditions are met:-

1/ The child must be a current fully paid up member of the athletics club.

2/ The parent of said child must also be a current, fully paid up member of the club.

3/ The parent must participate and run in the same group as the child. This may mean the parent running in a different group than they would normally run in.

4/ The group must be led by a qualified Leader In Running Coach

5/ The planned session must comply with the guidance from England Athletics on maximum distances and must also take the ability of the child into consideration.

6/ The child will only be able to undertake this session once a week, in accordance with the individuals  training plan and where appropriate under the guidance of a qualified Athletics Coach.

7/ The child must wear ‘high viz’ clothing .during the session.

Dacorum and Tring Athletics Club recognises that athletes are required to train a large number of hours to achieve high levels of performance and therefore great commitment is required not only from the athletes but also from their parents.  

Dacorum and Tring has adopted England Athletics ‘Safeguarding Children Welfare Policy and Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy and thereby the principles regarding transportation to and from training sessions, coaching courses and competitions. Dacorum and Tring will not accept any practice that places coaches, helpers or volunteers in breach of any England Athletics policies and procedures, rules or regulations.

Safeguarding and Protection of Children advice requires that UKA coaches do not take children alone on car journeys, except in *unforeseen circumstances; this should only happen when there is no other alternative and must not be a regular, approved practice.

The following are practical suggestions to help alleviate transport problems:

  • Make parents aware (preferably when their child joins the club) that it is the coaches’ responsibility to coach and not to provide transport for their child.Parents should not put coaches in a difficult position by requesting that they provide transport for their children.
  • When a child accepts a place in a squad/group, the parent should be asked to commit to ensuring the child attends all training sessions and to be responsible for making the necessary transport arrangements
  • Encourage parents to share transport with other parents
  • Transport athletes in groups

It is unacceptable for coaches to transport one child alone and in the case of transporting a group of athletes, best practice would require two responsible adults in the car. However, in exceptional circumstances where this is not possible, and subject to prior consent from all relevant parents, a coach could transport a group of athletes without another adult present. This is subject to the following conditions:

  • The driver must ensure there are central pick-up and drop-off points to ensure they are not alone with a child.
  • The driver should also provide parents with full details of any planned breaks in the journey and departure and arrival times.
  • The Club Welfare Officer should be made aware of the arrangements.

*Unforeseen would only apply in the event of an accident or where something unexpected has happened and there is no other alternative but to take a child alone in the car and to fail to act would put the child at risk of harm. Where these situations are unavoidable and whenever possible the full consent of either the Welfare Officer, Head coach or Official in the club and/or the child’s parents should be obtained.

Late collection of children from training sessions or competitions where the transport has been provided by the club:-

All parents must be advised that in the event that they are delayed for any reason, they must:

  • Contact Dacorum and Tring at the earliest opportunity
  • Provide clear guidance on what they wish the club to do e.g. consent for another parent to transport their child home.

Dacorum and Tring club officers will:

  • Maintain a list of parent contact details and emergency numbers
  • Never leave a child or young person alone unless she/he is over 16 and then only with parent’s permission
  • Carry out appropriate assessments of situations as they arise, acknowledging that some young people aged 16 and over can go home alone if their parent is delayed


Dacorum and Tring club officers must not:

  • Take the child home or to another location.
  • Ask the child to wait in a vehicle or the club with them alone.
  • Send the child home with another person without permission.

If the parent is considered by the club as being unduly late, Dacorum and Tring Club officers will:

  1. Attempt to contact the parent
  2. Attempt to contact the emergency contact person nominated.
  3. If there is no reply from the emergency contact, ask the child if there is another family member who may be contacted.
  4. Wait with the young person(s) at the club with at least one other official/coach/ teacher/volunteers or parents.
  5. Respond to any instructions received from the parent
  6. If no-one can be reached, contact the local police or Children’s Social Care Services to enquire about the best course of action.

England Athletics Grievance Procedures

1. Introduction

1.1. These procedures will be used by England Athletics to resolve grievances raised with them.

1.2. Grievances arising in clubs, associations, competition providers and other bodies should be resolved within those organisations and only in exceptional circumstances will England Athletics become involved as a final level of appeal.

1.3. These procedures are transferable to each of the organisations described above.

1.4. A grievance is an issue, complaint, dispute, concern or problem, which does not involve alleged serious misconduct 1 . Allegations of serious misconduct should be resolved by reference to England Athletics’ Disciplinary Procedures.

1.5. For the purposes of these procedures a person raising a grievance will be referred to as the Aggrieved and the individual against whom the grievance is being taken will be referred to as the Respondent. The terms ‘Aggrieved’ and ‘Respondent’ in the context of this document are in no way intended to imply fault by either party. At all stages of the grievance process the Aggrieved and the Respondent may be supported and accompanied by a supporter.

1.6. If in the course of these procedures evidence emerges of serious misconduct that the Aggrieved wishes to pursue formally, these procedures will be put aside and the case will be dealt with under the England Athletics’ Disciplinary Procedures.

1.7. These Grievance Procedures enable individuals or groups to raise issues that affect their well-being and ability to perform within athletics effectively. It is impossible to provide

For a definition of ‘Misconduct’ see England Athletics’ Disciplinary Procedures

2 a comprehensive list of all the issues that might give rise to a grievance, but some of the more common include: breaches of health and safety; breaches of Codes of Conducts; breaches of policies, practices and procedures and equal opportunities. The Respondent may be an individual, a group of individuals, or an organisation, such as a club, county or other association, event organiser, or body such as England Athletics.

1.8. England Athletics recognises the importance of dealing with grievances, disputes and complaints seriously, fairly and quickly.

1.9. Any person that raises a grievance will: –

1.9.1. Be given a fair hearing concerning any grievances they may have;

1.9.2. Have the right to be accompanied by a supporter when raising a grievance;

1.10. All parties to a grievance should cooperate constructively to resolve matters by informal methods wherever appropriate. It is hoped that grievances can be resolved amicably thereby maintaining, and where necessary, restoring good relations within the sport of Athletics.

1.11. A person with a grievance must state his or her grievance formally in writing which may be by email (unless it is resolved informally) for this procedure to be applied.

1.12. Where the person with a grievance has a disability England Athletics will make reasonable adjustments to ensure they are not treated less favourably. For example, if an Aggrieved is unable to submit a written grievance, because of a disability, England Athletics will provide assistance where reasonable.

2. Jurisdiction

2.1. England Athletics is the governing body for all branches of athletics in England incorporating cross country, fell and hill, trail running, race walking, road running and

3 track and field. The Board of England Athletics holds ultimate responsibility for seeing that all grievances made to it are dealt with in accordance with its policies and procedures.

2.2. The Board and Council of England Athletics delegate specific management and governance functions to its Staff which include a responsibility to the Welfare Officer to resolve any grievances that are referred to it.

2.3. England Athletics is an employer and any grievance or disciplinary matters concerning members of England Athletics’ staff shall be dealt with under separate procedures.

3. Raising Grievance Issues Informally

3.1. England Athletics is committed to the resolution of individual grievances informally whenever possible. An Aggrieved is strongly encouraged to seek to resolve any matter with the club, association or individual concerned prior to any action by England Athletics.

3.2. If a matter cannot be resolved the Aggrieved is advised to discuss the problem informally with their local Club and Coach Support Officer to seek a resolution.

3.3. England Athletics staff should give any grievance that has been raised informally proper and full consideration. They will be encouraged and supported to facilitate mutually acceptable solutions to genuine concerns raised by people involved in athletics.

4. Raising Grievance Issues Formally.

4.1. Stage One

4.1.1. If the Aggrieved has not been able to resolve a grievance within the relevant club, association, competition provider and other bodies England Athletics will only become involved in exceptional circumstances and as a final level of

4 appeal. The Aggrieved may request a review of the grievance by the England Athletics. The request should be made in writing which may be by email to the Welfare Officer. The request should state the details of the grievance, the action taken by the Aggrieved to resolve the matter so far and the outcome or remedy sought and the exceptional circumstances which warrant the involvement of England Athletics. Copies of relevant papers in support of the grievance should be included with the letter. If the Welfare Officer is a cause of the grievance, the Welfare Officer in consultation with the relevant Executive Chair, will identify an appropriate person to consider the grievance.

4.1.2. The Welfare Officer or appointed Investigating officer considering the grievance will notify the Respondent that a grievance has been submitted by the Aggrieved and will provide the Respondent with a copy of the grievance. The Respondent will be given the opportunity to provide a statement and any relevant papers in response to the grievance, normally to be returned to the Welfare Officer or Investigating officer within one week. Both parties should be made aware that information provided by them may be disclosed to the other party to the grievance.

4.1.3. In certain circumstances, it may also be necessary for the Welfare Officer or investigating Officer to carry out further investigation into the Aggrieved grievance by meeting with the Respondent and any relevant witnesses to any of the matters complained of.

4.1.4. The Welfare Officer or Investigating Officer considering the grievance will then arrange to meet with the Aggrieved, usually within four weeks’ of receipt of the grievance. The Aggrieved must take all reasonable steps to attend the meeting.

4.1.5. The purpose of the meeting will be for the Aggrieved to state their grievance, for those present to understand the full nature of the grievance, discuss the grievance and explore potential solutions. To facilitate a solution the Welfare

5 Officer or Investigating Officer considering the grievance may, with the prior approval of the Aggrieved, use the meeting to bring together the Aggrieved and the Respondent.

4.1.6. It may be necessary to undertake further investigation of the grievance, in which case the meeting may be adjourned in order to enable this to take place, and reconvened within a reasonable period of time. The timetable for any further investigation necessary will be discussed and agreed with the Aggrieved. Every attempt will be made to address the issue promptly.

4.1.7. Following the meeting, the Aggrieved will be informed by the Welfare Officer or Investigating Officer considering the grievance in writing of the decision under Stage One of the Grievance Procedure. This will normally be issued to the Aggrieved within one week of the close of the grievance meeting. The letter will generally summarise: the nature of the grievance; the investigation that was conducted; the decision; the reason for the decision; any outcome for a change in practices as a result of the decision; and a copy of meeting records and any formal minutes taken.

4.1.8. A copy of the paperwork referred to in 4.1.7 will also be provided to the Respondent. Any dissenting comments in connection with the decision will be recorded.

4.1.9. There may be situations where, with mutual agreement, it would be helpful to seek external advice and assistance during the grievance procedure or after it has concluded. For example, where relationships are strained a facilitator might be able to assist in resolving the problem. A facilitator may be used to assist in the rebuilding of relationships or to provide expert advice on a particular area of activity. The facilitator may be an external person or an

6 agreed person active in athletics in the region not directly connected with the grievance. The Welfare Officer or Investigating Officer considering the grievance may recommend the use of a facilitator with the agreement of the Aggrieved.

4.2. Stage Two – Appeal.

4.2.1. An Aggrieved who is not satisfied with the outcome of the grievance meeting held under Stage One above may appeal.

4.2.2. The Aggrieved should write to the Welfare Officer within two weeks of receipt of the letter issued following Stage One of the Grievance Procedure. The letter should state that the grievance has not been resolved to the Aggrieved’s satisfaction under Stage One of the procedure and the reasons why the Aggrieved is not satisfied with the outcome. The note must be accompanied by a cheque for £100 made payable to England Athletics (the Deposit) this deposit shall be held by EA and repaid to the Aggrieved in the event the appeal panel so decides. The remedy or outcome sought should be specified in the letter from the Aggrieved.


4.2.3. Each party shall bear its own costs (including but not limited to legal costs, scientific or other experts’ fees, witness costs) in connection with Complaints made or Disputes or Appeals brought under these Procedures.

4.2.4. The costs of any mediator shall be shared by the parties equally and the costs of any arbitration body appointed shall be borne by the parties in such proportions as the arbitration body shall rule at the conclusion of the matter.

7 4.2.5. The Welfare Officer, in consultation with the Executive Chair or his/her representative, shall appoint an Appeal Panel of three members. These members shall be from people active in athletics.

4.2.6. In the interests of fairness and impartiality none of the members of The Panel shall have been directly involved in the matter being considered.

4.2.7. The Appeal Panel should receive in advance copies of any documents that either party wishes to refer to during the Appeal Hearing. The Appeal Panel must also be informed of any witnesses who wish to submit written evidence from either party to put before the Panel. The Panel will decide whether it wishes to hear evidence from witnesses in person or whether it wishes to rely on written statements.

4.2.8. The Welfare Officer will arrange for a Hearing to be convened for The Panel to consider the appeal.

4.2.9. The purpose of the Hearing will be to understand the on-going nature of the grievance, to review the basis for the earlier decision and to explore potential solutions. The Aggrieved will be afforded every opportunity to state their grievance at the meeting. It may also be necessary for further investigation to take place in which case the Hearing may be adjourned to enable this to be undertaken, and reconvened within a reasonable period of time. Again, the timetable for investigation will be discussed and agreed with the Aggrieved. Every attempt will be made to address the issue promptly.

4.2.10. The letter with the decision under Stage Two of the Grievance Procedure will normally be issued within one week of the conclusion of the Hearing. The letter will generally summarise: the nature of the grievance; the investigation that was conducted; the decision;

8 the reason for the decision; any outcome for a change in practices as a result of the decision. a copy of Hearing records and any formal minutes taken

4.2.11. A copy will be sent to all parties who attended the Hearing and opportunity made for the recording of any dissenting comments. This will conclude the process for the resolution of grievances.

5. Keeping Records

5.1. England Athletics will keep confidential records for up to six years of:

5.1.1. Nature of grievance

5.1.2. Copy of written statement of grievance

5.1.3. Copy of England Athletics’ response

5.1.4. Action taken

5.1.5. Reasons for action

5.1.6. Any business relating to an appeal

5.1.7. Further developments

Coaches, officials and other volunteers are to be given a funding allowance which they can draw upon, subject to criteria, for bona fide expenses that benefit the club as a whole.

It is up to the individuals to decide how or whether they wish to spend the money. All courses considered mandatory for coaches and officials by Dacorum and Tring Athletics Club will be funded and are not considered part of this policy.

  • Fees for Level 1 courses:-

After a period of helping with sessions as a parent volunteer for at least 3 months, half of the course fee will be refunded on completion of the course and production of a copy of the coaching/ officials license. The remainder will be reimbursed following a further 3 months as a coaching assistant within the club or officiating at 3 matches.

A course application form and a signed funding agreement ( Course Funding Policy) will need to be submitted before the funding is considered by the committee.

  • Level 2 courses:-

Will continue to be fully funded for those holding a current level 1 course (usually after 6 months assisting with sessions and attendance of at least 1 coaches meeting and officiating at 6 matches). A course application form and a signed funding agreement ( Course Funding Policy) will need to be submitted before the funding is considered by the committee

Associated travel expenses will be paid at 25p per mile to a maximum of £100 and accommodation costs must be applied for using a grant form.

3) The funding is also for:

  • other bona fide course fees, on-line and digital coaching resources

4)Coaches accompanying  athletes , competing for the club or Hertfordshire County in the age groups U20, U17, U15, U13 (? All athletes ) to Southern Regional Events, National Championships and International events will be eligible for reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs to the maximum combined sum of £100.

5) Where Dacorum and Tring Athletics Club has identified a gap in the coaching pathway (ie specific event coaching), these coaches may be sought individually or through the Network and reasonable reimbursement can be paid for travel, child care.

6) Reimbursement to coaches for maintaining school links and providing school-based sessions extra to the volunteering on club nights  to maintain Clubmark accreditation will be made.

7) Travel expenses to and from the Dacorum and Tring Athletic Track at Jarman Park or Cavendish School for recognised Club training sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday.

8) Any other circumstance not covered by the above will need submission of a grant application for consideration by the committee( such as training sessions at another venue for a minority of athletes that is not open to all athletes)

In addition:

  • funding application forms will need to be submitted for course fees.
  • payment will only be made on production of receipts to the Treasurer attached to a submitted  expenses claim form
  • no travel expenses, with the exception of officials,  will be paid if the club has provided a motor coach to the venue  which is under-capacity
  • where attendance is to support their athletes in competition, these should not be family members.

 The eligibility criteria for coaches to receive funding are:


  • All coaches, officials and other volunteers such as committee members, team managers must hold club membership to be supplied by Dacorum and Tring Athletics Club and renewed on an Annual basis subject to the individual still performing the role.
  • The coach has supplied the Club with the required documentation (ie DBS and Coaching Licence) as part of our Clubmark renewal application.
  • The coach should be regularly coaching Dacorum and Tring athletes on club nights.
  • The coach attends coaches’ meetings, (at least three of the annual six)

Those who coach for Dacorum and Tring Athletics Club but have yet to fulfil the criteria above will not receive a funding allowance but will have to request funding on an individual basis using a grant form. As ever, this will be looked upon more favourably if requests are made in advance.

 The scheme to run for one year from 1st January 2016 with a review at year end.

The Committee have overall discretion to amend and update these rules and their decision is final in the event of dispute/clarification

There is growing concern being expressed about what is and what is not permissible in the area of communication between adults and children and young people in sport. Understandably, with the rapid development of mobile phones, text messaging, e-mail and other forms of electronic communication, these methods of communicating have become a feature of the sporting landscape.

The purpose of this paper is to clarify the current position of the CPSU in relation to this issue and provide guidance to all those involved in working with young people in sport. It also provides guidance for children and young people that we hope will be promoted by sports bodies.

A number of sports have experience of cases where coaches in particular have misused text messaging and other forms of electronic communication, and the bodies concerned have sought advice and information from the CPSU. There is evidence of the use of mobile phones and other electronic communication for grooming or other purposes by coaches and others in positions of trust in relation to children throughout sport. There have also been incidents of young athletes becoming very distressed as a result of bullying by coaches or others who have contacted them without parental knowledge on their mobiles. For this reason we would strongly support the adoption of good practice guidance that acknowledges the potential risks and additional vulnerability of children and young people, and advises against the use of mobile phones and other forms of electronic communication for the purposes outlined below.

Firstly, we would have concerns about the use of mobile phones by coaches during training or at competitions, for the purposes of either making or receiving calls. We would consider this to be both unsafe and inappropriate conduct. Our view is that the primary responsibility of the coach must be the supervision and safety of children and young people that they coach and the provision of a structured, quality coaching experience. Anything which compromises the coach’s ability to maintain a safe environment and give their full attention to the supervision and coaching of children should be actively discouraged.

Many facility providers also have clear guidance on restricting the use of mobile phones based on the concerns that have been identified about their potential misuse (for example, as part of a facility photography policy). Coaches using mobile phones may be breaching guidance and undermining the ability of a facility to enforce their restrictions.

There are situations when access to a mobile phone will make a positive contribution to the safety and welfare of children and young people, particularly when an emergency occurs. Therefore we are not proposing any form of blanket ban on the use of mobile phones by coaches.

Contacting children and young people by phone, text or e-mail should never be undertaken without parental knowledge or consent. Ideally contact by coaches would be primarily on a face to face basis. Additional communication relating to events, training and other information should be directed to the child or young person’s parents or legal guardian.

It is our view that coaches should not be e-mailing children and young people directly as individuals, but may do so as part of a disclosed list (having received prior permission to disclose in group e-mail) where they are disseminating information in relation to training or competitions. We also encourage the use by clubs of disclosed lists for sending club information via a designated and suitably trained adult (because of their position this person should also have been subject to appropriate selection and vetting processes). Group e-mails should also give individuals the opportunity to have their contact details removed from the list by including a statement such as: “If you wish to be removed from this e-mail list please contact the administrator”.

Whilst we recognise that we live in free society, and that communication between individuals regardless of age is part of daily life, we do not consider it good practice for coaches to text or e mail individual children or young people at any time, on any matter.

We recognise the Health & Safety issues raised where coaches make and receive calls on mobile phones whilst observing or delivering a ‘training’ session. We do not consider it good practice for them to do so. However at certain competitions or training events, where there may be considerable periods of time between athletes performing, at appropriate times this may be acceptable Some sports and many Local Authorities however have strict regulations about the use of mobile phones in sports centres and use of such devices which have integrated photographic/video cameras are not permitted.

Guidance for children and young people

Chat rooms and messaging can be great fun, but remember, you never really know who you are talking to online. It could be someone trying to trick you, some kind of weirdo, or someone really dangerous. Here are some tips to help you keep safe:

  • Never use your real name in chat rooms – pick a special online nickname.
  • Never ever tell anyone personal things about yourself or your family – like your address or telephone number, or the school or clubs you go to. That goes for sending them photos as well (that way if you don’t want to hear from them again, you only have to log off.) Remember, even if somebody tells you about themselves, never tell them things about you.
  • If you arrange to meet up with someone you’ve only spoken to online, remember that they might not be who they said they were, so only meet people in public places and take along an adult – they should do this too, because they don’t know who you really are either!
  • If an adult you know makes arrangements to meet you or contacts you directly on-line or on your mobile without your parents’ or carers’ knowledge, make sure you let your parents or guardians know about this before agreeing to do anything
  • Never respond to nasty or rude messages, and never send any either! If you feel suspicious or uncomfortable about the way a conversation is going, or if it’s getting really personal, save a record of it and stop the conversation. That way you can show someone and ask what they think.
  • Be careful with any e-mail attachments or links that people send you, they might contain nasty images, or computer “viruses” that could ruin your PC. So if you don’t know who it’s from, don’t open it.
  • Agree some rules with your parents or carers about what you can and can’t do on the Net. It’ll save arguments later.
  • Take a look at ‘Hands Off!’ the NSPCC magazine for teenagers on keeping safe from abuse. It’s got some tips on safe surfing.
  • If you are concerned about anything you receive, whether it is from a stranger or someone you know, tell someone you trust. Don’t delete the message it may be important if some action needs to be taken.


In the event of a sports injury during training sessions, the incident should be reported to a trained First Aider either, Track Staff or a qualified Club Member. The first aid room within the clubhouse contains several first aid kits and an Automated External Defibrillator. If the injury is to a junior member, the parent/carer should be notified by telephone. 


The key to the cupboard is held by the Volunteer in charge of refreshments and training fee collection.

Should the injury be deemed serious, medical help should be called (999).  The name and address of the injured person should be noted and an accident report written. Emergency Vehicle Access is near the children’s playground end of the Track in St. Albans Hill.

A working telephone is available in the Track Office.  Other personal mobile phones belonging to members of the club are also available for use in an emergency


Should there be a major incident at a training session or match event  an evacuation procedure should be followed  as follows;-

Attendance registers for the session should be kept available for checking.

Coaches/Officials and Volunteers should remain as calm as possible-  DO NOT PANIC!  The coach/official/volunteer should collect their athletes together and as far as possible ascertain that they are all accounted for.  The coach/official/volunteer should then decide on the most appropriate route for evacuation of the facility.


Clubhouse Evacuation

The evacuation of the clubhouse should be made through the main entrance lobby to the steps and up to the car park (IF SAFE TO DO SO). 

Should this route appear unsafe then follow the procedure for Exterior Evacuation by exiting from the track side doors and proceeding to the vehicle access gate at St. Albans Hill.  The official/coach/volunteer should then take a register of the athletes within their charge and keep the group together until permission is given to disperse.

Track/Field Side Evacuation

The evacuation from the exterior area of the facility should be made through the main building (IF SAFE TO DO SO) to the lobby and main entrance and up the steps to the Car Park and follow the procedure as above.

Evacuation can also be made along the road at the back of the Pole Vault Area towards the Children’s Playground area and the vehicle access gate at St. Albans Hill.  All athletes using this route should again be registered and kept in the area until given permission to disperse.

Parents and Carers should be informed of the emergency.

Our commitment

Electronic communication is essential for sharing club news and information with our members. Our communication will be timely, appropriate and related to club business.

What we will do

Dacorum and Tring Athletic Club wishes to operate in an environment where people show respect for others and their property, free from harassment and is non-discriminatory.

We communicate with our members using a range of mediums including electronic tools.

Our communication will protect members’ privacy, maintain clear boundaries and ensure that bullying and harassment does not occur. We promote responsible use of social media.

One or more communication co-ordinators will be appointed to provide accountability and control over material published on our club’s website and any related discussion groups or social media websites, such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.


  • Our website will include current information on competitions, social events, committees, policies, constitution, rules and by-laws.
  • No offensive content or photos will be published.
  • We will seek parental consent regarding the publication of any appropriate images during an organised athletic activity on any of our media mediums ( website, Facebook, printed publications including local newspaper etc)
  • We will seek feedback from members to improve the information available on the site and respond to any concerns regarding our media in accordance with England Athletics Guidelines.

SMS and email

Committee members, coaches and team managers may use SMS and email to provide information about competition, training, club-sanctioned social events and other club business, however:

  • SMS messages should be short and about club/team matters
  • E-mail communication will be used when more information is required
  • Communication involving children will be directed through their parents – a child is deemed as being under 18 years of age. Furthermore if a young person (U18) request to become a named friend on an individuals social networking site, this must be declined.

Social media websites


  • We treat all social media postings, blogs, status updates and tweets as public ‘comment’.
  • Postings (written, photos or videos) will be family-friendly and feature positive club news and events.
  • No personal information about our members will be disclosed
  • No statements will be made that are misleading, false or likely to injure a person’s reputation.
  • No statements will be made that might bring our club into disrepute.
  • Abusive, discriminatory, intimidating or offensive statements will not be tolerated. Offending posts will be removed and those responsible will be blocked from the site.

What we ask you to do

We expect our members to conduct themselves appropriately when using electronic communication to share information with other members or posting material on public websites connected to the club.

Electronic communication:

  • Should be restricted to club matters
  • Must not offend, intimidate, humiliate or bully another person
  • Must not be misleading, false or injure the reputation of another person
  • Should respect and maintain the privacy of members
  • Must not bring the club into disrepute.

Individuals must be aware that by posting images of events with other children in may breach  England Athletics Photography Guidance.


Coaches and others who work with children and young people must direct electronic communication through the child’s parents – a child is deemed as being under 18 years of age.


Members may face disciplinary action for sending inappropriate electronic communication or posting online content or comments that harass, offend, intimidate or humiliate another member, as outlined in our code of conduct.

Under certain circumstances, cyber bullying (e.g. bullying that is carried out through an internet service such as email, a chat room, discussion group, instant messaging or website) is a criminal offence that can be reported to the police.

 In addition, members who publish false or misleading comments about another person in the public domain (e.g., Facebook, YouTube or Twitter) may be liable for defamation.

What to do is you have concerns about any communication that the club is using or that the club is associated with:-


As a user of a social networking site, whether you are a child or an adult, you may at some time have a concern about what you are seeing or being told about by another user. Concerns may range from negative or abusive comments, and cyber bullying to suspected grooming for sexual abuse.

 Please contact the Welfare Officers of the Club for any further information or guidance:-


Petra Carroll:-  petra.carroll@hotmail.co.uk     07985 250736


Cathie Woolfrey:-   cathiewoolfrey@icloud.com

Below is a list of agencies that you can contact, anonymously if you wish, where you can raise such concerns:-

  • thinkuknow.co.uk: the main UK Government website with advice for parents on how to keep children safe online
  • ceop.police.uk: the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) is the Government body dedicated to eradicating abuse of children.
  • iwf.org.uk: the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) works to remove illegal material from the internet. If you have found any material you believe to be illegal e.g. child sex abuse images, other obscene material or material which incites racial hatred, you can report it to the IWF.

A number of specialist websites contain general advice that may be of help to parents. These include www.nspcc.org.uk, www.nch.org.uk, www.barnardos.org.uk, and www.beatbullying.org.

Other sites can offer parents support on broader issues. These include www.parentlineplus.org.uk

England Athletics through the Welfare Office Jane Fylan at jfylan@uka.org.uk or on 0121 713 8450

Childline 0800 1111 or www.Childline.org.uk is another NSPCC support service. Using this website, children can talk confidentially to NSPCC advisors online about any issues or problems they may be experiencing, using an application similar to Instant Messenger (IM).

Stop It Now freephone 0808 1000 900 or www.stopitnow.org.uk

The Local Police or Children’s Services – their number appears in the phone book.

Five Year Plan

Our five year plan is detailed below.  Our focus for 2020 is:


To maximise club success we need the athletes to work together in their squads and teams, coaches to work together with regards to planning, and parents to volunteer to help.

Dacorum & Tring A.C can trace its roots back to 1976. It has produced international, national, regional and county athletes and has established teams that compete at junior, senior and veterans’ competitions in track & field, cross country and road running.

The club works hard to ensure that it is representative of all members of the local community and that members are able to access our services within a framework of equal opportunity.  The club prides itself on being a vibrant family friendly club at the core of our community where local people can experience and enjoy athletics.

In 2009, Dacorum & Tring A.C was awarded Clubmark: an award designed to assist athletics clubs to achieve, and maintain, a set of nationally recognised minimum operating standards. Clubmark ensures the club provides a safe, effective and member-friendly club environment and is the universally acknowledged cross-sport accreditation scheme for community sports clubs. It demonstrates that D&T provides the right environment, safeguards the welfare of its members and encourages them to enjoy and stay involved in sport throughout their lives.

The day to day business of the club is managed by a committee which is elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), held every February. The Management Committee’s actions are guided by the Club Constitution and Codes of Conduct, all of which are posted on the Club website. The club has 586 members (a waiting list of over 70 new members), 3 qualified event coaches, 8 qualified athletics coaches, 16 coaching assistants and 4 more due to do coaching courses soon. The club holds regular training sessions every Tuesday and Thursday evening as well as additional sessions for junior and senior athletes on Saturdays and Sundays.

All committee members, coaches and officials are volunteers and willingly give their free time to support the development of the club.

The club has steadily and regularly made steps to improve standards and coaching, for the safety and improvement of its members and volunteers. All our members are very supportive to each other and always give plenty of encouragement, whether at club nights or competing in races.

The club runs at a slight profit each year with a healthy bank balance of £49k.

In conclusion:

Dacorum & Tring AC is a well organised, successful and financially sound athletics club that is supported by a committed and knowledgeable committee and team of volunteers. We have a highly qualified and established coaching structure as well as an experienced team of officials that allow us to organise events for local and regional competitions. We have a strong and well supported social calendar that provides the club with regular occasions to further establish our club culture and ethos as well as providing a regular source of income. We have a membership which is the envy of the county and our athletes, across all our different disciplines, are finishing on the podium at International, National, Regional and County levels – in short we have a fantastic club.

Our intention is to build and improve upon what we already have to ensure that the club continues to attract, retain and develop members in a way that is relevant to them and guarantees its long term future. We are going to use all the experience we have gathered over the years, utilise suggestions from the members, implement best practice and build upon the success we already have.

The world of athletics has changed over the last 30 years. What was once a thriving sporting discipline is now a shadow of what it used to be with participation levels at an all-time low: competition from other sports/leisure activities and the overall “health of the nation” having a drastic impact on its traditional user base. The image of the sport has been tarnished with the seemingly constant revelations surrounding state sponsored and individual drug use and the guidance provided by international, national and local sporting bodies is lacking cohesion or direction. As a consequence we have no alternative but to take responsibility for our own future and make sure that we are fully prepared for the challenges ahead.

Despite all of the problems within athletics we still believe there exists a fantastic opportunity to develop D&T A.C to become “the premier amateur recreational and competitive participation athletics club in Hertfordshire”. The ability to run, jump and throw forms the basis of every dynamic sport and at Dacorum & Tring A.C we already have the expertise and facilities in place to attract, retain and develop all athletes, at any age and from any sport, to achieve their physical potential…..now we just need to develop, communicate and deliver a strategy that will allow us to do this.

The 5 year development plan is the first step on that journey.

Our core values & attitudes are the foundations of our operating philosophy and guide the clubs’ conduct. They define the type of organisation we strive to be and help remind us what is important. The values must be shared, adopted and believed in by the organisation as a whole and should be evident in every decision and interaction.


ENJOYMENT –                     We must enjoy what we do


APPRECIATION –               A thank you goes a long way 


OWNERSHIP –                     Take responsibility for your own actions


PATIENCE –                         Improvements don’t always come overnight 


RESPECT –                           Treat others as you would want to be treated

RESILIENCE –                     Never give up

FOCUS –                                Concentrate on the processes; positive outcomes will follow


QUALITY –                            Make your actions specific to your needs


EXPERIMENT –                    Be open-minded: try new things


LOYALTY –                        Have a vested interest in the club

The Committee has designed a Development Plan that aims to ensure there is a strategic, planned and coordinated approach to the future growth and development of the club.  The Plan has been aligned to the strategic objectives of England Athletics “Towards an Active Nation”, which aims to increase participation in order to improve physical and mental wellbeing; individual, community and economic development; support and develop volunteers and improve performance. It will focus on six key principles; Participation, Performance, People, Provision, Partnership and Promotion.

The creation of the Plan makes sure that the club is effectively managed and developed over time: enabling the club to move forward.  It is a living document, providing realistic aspirations that will be articulated in an annual action plan. The Plan will be reviewed and reported on regularly to members and parents.

The Plan has a clear vision, mission statement and set of guiding principles to guarantee clarity and understanding of what we are trying to achieve.


The creation of a vibrant, family friendly club at the core of the community that offers diverse opportunities and promotes individual responsibility, accountability and self-discipline in the pursuit of athletic achievement.


To be the foremost amateur recreational and competitive athletics club in Hertfordshire.


We will deliver our strategy through effective business development and team leadership utilising our 6 guiding principles across our 7 strategic functions (Athletes, Coaching, Communication, Facilities, Operations, Social and Finance).

  • PARTICIPATIONAn expectation that all members are active participants in the club through: 
  •  Administration
  •  Operations    
  • Competitions

A continuous, sustainable and measured approach to the improvement of the athletes, coaches, administration and development of the club


A commitment to provide members with everything they require to achieve club and individual success


Establish partnerships within the local community to:

            Increase membership

            Increase revenues/profits

            Maximise its promotion


Demonstrate that we have effective club governance, implement best practices and cater for the needs of our members.


Improve the image and awareness of the club to members, parents and the local community.


The club questionnaire provided us with an excellent insight into the wants and needs of the club and an overall review of how well the club is catering for its members. The results were very positive and underline how well the club is organised. However, there were some issues / suggestions provided which the 5 year development plan will consider.

Key points highlighted by the survey are

Lack of club cohesion         Clubhouse space                 Electronic timing


E-Services                             Joint annual awards            Workshops


Summer BBQ                       Training camps                     Name “Dacorum”


Communication                    Weekly subscriptions          Volunteers


Poor engagement with members 

Part of the development plan is to mitigate any risks and to make sure the different strategic functions of the club are operating efficiently and that they are catering for the needs of its members.

5.1      Club Management

Does the club have a management team that is relevant and operationally focussed?

The club has an established committee and sub-committees with a vast amount of experience in how to successfully run an athletics club. However, is it the right team to take the club forward? If it is the right team, then how do we guarantee that the knowledge and experience of that team is documented/passed on to their understudy?

Does the committee fully reflect the age demographics/interests of those members?

The club has to cater for the current and future needs of its members and whilst we have a vibrant and inclusive club our committee does not fully reflect the age demographics/interests of those members. We are an athletics club and the biggest part of our membership is our junior section and yet we have no representative on the committee that represents specifically the interests of our athletes or our junior members.

Are we in danger of losing our volunteers due to the pressures / time commitments of serving the club?

Do we have enough volunteers to ensure the long term delivery of the clubs objectives?

The day to day running of the club, coaching and team management tends to fall on the shoulders of a few individuals and we need to recognise that the burden of responsibility needs to be apportioned more equally and that the efforts of all volunteers are recognised and rewarded accordingly. We need to create an environment where volunteering becomes the de facto response of all our members – it is their club and they have a vested interest in making it great. We are an athlete/competition focused club but without volunteers we cease to exist.

5.2      Senior Team Focus

The junior members (U20 – 336 members) are by far the biggest sector of the club and whilst that bodes well for the future, it does highlight the fact that our senior members are under-represented, especially in relation to track and field. Whilst it is our plan to retain and develop our junior athletes to progress to the senior level, this change in status has been traditionally a point where we experience our biggest drop-out rate. The senior teams have to be the primary focus of the club and to be a part of them should be the aspiration of all our juniors, as well as being the athletics team of choice throughout the county. As such, the development plan needs to put in place a recruitment and retention strategy: to make sure that we are able to field full senior teams in track & field, XC and road running, with the necessary skills and experience to give us the best chance of year on year success.

5.3      Track Relocation

The proposed relocation of the track has been a constant thorn in our side for the last few years.  Fortunately, the move to Cupid Green has been shelved. The general consensus is that we want to stay where we are and get investment to improve and expand the facilities. However, we are responding to events rather than being proactive and the 5 year plan will include suggestions about how to make sure we are driving events and have a significant voice in any future proposals.

5.4      Finance

The club has a healthy bank balance and makes a slight profit each year, even though we have invested considerably in the development of our coaches, equipment and athletes. However, our bank balance/income streams do not give us financial independence and provide little security should the borough council/EveryoneActive cease to have a stake/interest in the maintenance/running of the track. The proposed relocation of the track is a stark reminder of what can happen and how little say we would have in those proposals should the council decide to force us to relocate.

Is our price competitiveness and membership fee plan reflective of the the quality/quantity of the services we provide and are they adequate to support the aspirations of the club?


Membership management, and fee structuring mistakes often made by clubs are as follows :


  • Inflexible membership plans
  • Relying on manual processes
  • Never sending renewal notices
  • Making it harder to renew than it needs to be
  • Not accepting card or online payments
  • Not charging enough


We aim to consider these in our planning.


5.5       Track Capacity

What is the maximum number of athletes we can have on the track safely at any one time?

How do we make best use of the track’s availability, cater for the needs of the majority of our members, andincrease membership?

5.6      Club Cohesion                   

As much as we have a vibrant and inclusive club, it still remains a big issue that we have two separate sections (Road Runners and Track and Field) operating independently under the same banner.

5.7      Communication

Are our forms of communication to our members and vice versa adequate?

If we are to retain and attract members our two way communications process needs to be “excellent” and to strongly reinforce member connectivity to the club. There is a need to carefully examine all of our present communication channels and determine what best serves the membership going forward. 


Is the club website fit for purpose?


It goes without saying that a dynamic and interesting website is critical. Prospective members, event registrants and current members will usually go to the website first to learn about the club and upcoming events.


A website must be relevant in all respects and be part of an integrated marketing strategy, helping to promote the club and its events; highlighting the strengths of the club and the benefits of joining; showcasing the good times that people will have or the valuable information they will gain by joining. It must be effective in proudly promoting athletes’ achievements and provide a source of accurate, useful and meaningfuly data for members and club officials as well as the public at large.


Goals –

  1. Track & Field


  • To be in the National League Division 3
  • To have 20 athletes (juniors/seniors/masters/ambulant) win medals at a national/international event
  • To win the EYAL Final/be successful in NJL/YDL


  1. Long Distance (road) Running
  • To run a couch to 5k programme encouraging beginners to enter the sport and progress to their first park run
  • To enter teams in Southern and National Road Relay. Teams to finish in top 20
  • To host/co-host an annual long-distance race
  • To have a minimum of 40 or 50 members taking part in club championships
  • To have the track and field and cross-country match dates as an integral part of the fixture list
  • Cross-Country
  • To win the Chiltern Cross-Country League – Senior Men’s or Women’s title
  • To place in top 3 overall in Chiltern League Div 1

To have a united, qualified and organised coaching team that delivers an athlete centric, scientifically based, performance appraised programme that is appropriate to the athletes’ age, maturity and potential, and is in keeping with the aspirations of the club.

Aims –


  • All coaches to ‘buy into’ the club’s targets, work collaboratively and be clear about their role and responsibility
  • To have a qualified events coach (level 3)/national coach(level 4) leading every area (sprinting, endurance running, hurdling, throwing, jumping, multi-events, road-running) with club coaches (level 2) taking each specific group and assistant coaches (level 1) helping in every area
  • Lead coaches to plan structured, varied and enjoyable sessions which are specific to the group, the individual and the time of year (periodisation)
  • To set criteria for the acceptance and continuation of members
  • To focus on the development of speed, endurance, strength/power, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination and technique. Marginal gains in each of these will lead to significant overall gains
  • To advise, mentor and support athletes in their groups: ensuring they are aware of the aspirations of the club, their individual targets and their career path (from junior to senior and onto master?)
  • To use modern technology (such as Iphones and Ipads for video analysis) and to keep up to date with new developments
  • To develop a high performance group that has access to a support structure of physiotherapists, nutritionists and sports psychologists
  • To have a partnership programme with local schools and sports clubs
  • To organise an annual warm-weather training camp



To have acquired the appropriate skills, fitness levels and psychological ability to compete in competitions where they can fulfil their potential.

Aims –

  • To attend training regularly, commit themselves to hard work and aim to improve
  • To master the techniques appropriate to their event(s), age, maturity and potential
  • To represent the club whenever selected, if possible. This should amount to at least two matches a year, one of which can be an intra-club competition
  • Present a professional image for the club when competing
  • To strive to achieve the aspirations of the club
  • To aim to compete in the highest level of competition available and within their potential
  • To learn to cope with the psychological demands of competition: stress/anxiety, the ability to win or lose
  • To form a collaborative relationship with a lead coach, who will support, mentor and advise them


6.2            COMMUNICATION

Communicate effectively and efficiently to all our members and affiliated parties (club officials, families, sponsors, partners, governing bodies) to ensure they are kept informed of all matters pertinent to their own and the clubs development, interests and promotion.

Goals –


  • To have a dedicated media team that plans, coordinates and implements the club’s communications strategy and marketing
  • To produce a monthly e-newsletter
  • To establish a link with local media outlets (press, radio etc.) – the issuing of weekly press releases/advertising of events.
  • To establish a network/communication with 10 local sports clubs to attract new adult members
  • To establish a network/communication with 10 local schools to promote/attract new junior members
  • To establish the D&T brand within the community & provide the community with a personal relationship to the team/club – a recognised brand/name/slogan that is synonymous with sporting achievement within Dacorum/Hemel Hempstead
  • To have a fully integrated digital/social media platform that disseminates content/information from a single point of entry
  • To have a centralised/detailed contact database to ensure easy, regular contact with all members, relevant parties, partners, sponsors
  • To produce a membership booklet (online) that details club vision, mission, goals, expectations, procedures, events – this will form the basis of the induction for all new members


Aims –

  • To provide a strong and consistent communication strategy that has a single point of origin
  • To raise awareness and improve the image of club
  • To provide opportunities to recognise and celebrate athlete and team success
  • To increase the recruitment and retention of athletes, club officials, sponsors and partners
  • To create a sense of belonging and a “one club mind-set”
  • To support and promote club objectives/events
  • To increase local media coverage
  • To develop key opportunities for the development of merchandise lines, sponsorship and commercial opportunities
  • To increase brand identity
  • To ensure that the club website is the ‘go to’ website for up to date and accurate information relating to all club matters
  • To ensure that media relations and marketing strategies are sustainable and well functioning


6.3              FACILITIES

To provide a ‘BEST IN CLASS UK’ track which meets the requirements of high level competitions by either (1) re-developing (via Grant Aid) the existing Jarman Park facility in (hopeful) partnership with DBC/Everyone Active, or (2) acquiring and developing (via Grant Aid), a “green field’ location within the Dacorum Area, managed on a semi-commercial basis.

Goals –

  • To have a facility which can host regional competitions and is managed by the club in partnership with the council
  • To have a ‘state of the art’ running track
  • To have warm-up areas (inc indoor)
  • To have a covered stand
  • To have an enhanced clubhouse incorporating a meeting room, lecture facility, treatment rooms, gym and Pilates facility
  • To have a community social room (also for external hire)
  • To have new/significantly enhanced track & field equipment provisioning – video feedback, event monitoring, broadcasting & event recording systems (including but not limited to, electronic timing, CCTV & video streaming)


Aims –

  • To attract and retain high performance athletes
  • to cater for a larger number of athletes on training nights
  • to allow athletes to train under cover during winter
  • to improve spectator experience
  • to provide ancillary support for athletes (physiotherapy, advice on nutrition etc)


6.4            OPERATIONS

To put in place an efficient operational model which caters for the needs of the members

and is in keeping with the undelying principles, values and mission of the Club.


Goals –

  • To provide flexible membership plans to cater for the needs of the members with a payment structure that is valid, relevant, competitive and workable
  • To generate automated renewal and expiration of membership notices
  • To produce an organisational structure that is clearly defined, relevant, operationally focused
  • To have a fully integrated website


Aims –

  • To have a cash free environment
  • To utilise technology where appropriate
  • To create an environment in which our members are willing and comfortable to volunteer
  • To provide a better source of information for our members
  • To provide a professionally organised, entertaining, informative experience at home matches (scoreboards/announcements/electronic timing/music/programme)



6.5            SOCIAL


     To have an established and enjoyable social calendar.


Goals –


  • To hold four whole Club-wide events; Christmas Dinner and Dance; Presentation Evening; Quiz night, a family BBQ at the Club Champs;
  • To hold informal events; end of season parties (SAL/EYAL /XC/RR/Vets), sub-committee dinners, club committee dinner, Chairman’s’ drinks evening
  • To organise an event solely for the junior members
  • To secure sponsorship that covers the cost of the Club-wide events
  • To have teams travel together for all away meetings/races
  • To have a local dignitary or sporting personality present at the Club-wide events
  • To have a photographer present at all events with the photos being online/available to purchase within 72 hours
  • To increase support at home fixtures


Aims –


  • To encourage club cohesion
  • To provide social events which are appropriate for the needs of all members and

      affiliated parties (athletes, coaches, teams, family, committee, sponsors, partners)

  • To recognise and reward achievements appropriately
  • To show appreciation to the volunteers within the club
  • To provide a platform which promotes the club to its members, affiliated parties and the wider community
  • To nurture the feeling that a club match is a social event
  • To create an inspirational and nostalgic legacy
  • To create revenue streams that are in keeping with the current and long-term aspirations of the club   
  •    To create a hall of fame with the outstanding athlete(s) being inducted at the

     Awards Evening

  •   Establish a supporters club – kept up to date with events via email/website etc.
  •  All events (objectives/planning/dates/advertisement/costs/venues/awards) to be

     formally documented  with templates of success

  •   Annual trip to a diamond league event
  •  Annual trip to an overseas club championship
  •   Table at the England Athletics Hall of Fame awards dinner



6.6      FINANCE


To secure the long term future and financial independence of the club –


Goals –


  • To establish an online card payment facility for all transactions relating to the club (cashless environment)
  • To provide multi-tier memberships
  • To revise and update the club’s internal accounting models to feed through to payments/monthly reporting
  • To allocate budgets to sub-committees


Aims –


  • To have financial independence
  •       To establish a finance committee that is adept at maintaining and creating revenue

      streams from the public and private sectors (sponsors, government funding, events)

  •       To establish a fit for purpose and transparent balance sheet/accounting process that

      is readily understood and accessible (Sage/Xero)

  •       To establish a membership/subscription finance model that is better aligned with its

      cost structure and its future goals

  •       To allow sub-committees to purchase equipment, reimburse expenses, pay for

      courses which develop knowledge/skills and pay for race entries


 A “One Club” mentality (joining the road-running, cross-country and the track & field sections) is essential to the future success of the Club, and all matters relating to the Club need to be made accessible to all and promoted accordingly.



To maximise club success we need the athletes to work together in their squads and teams, coaches to work together with regards to planning, and parents to volunteer to help.

A PDF version of the plan, including detailed plans for each area, is below:

Athlete, Coach, Official, Supporter or Helper....

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